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    Looking to travel/work Festival to Festival

    Three whole months? Wow!
  2. bailing wire

    Soft iron wire often used for temporary or quick mechanical repairs. Also used to mouse a shackle or turnbuckle.
  3. Altman wrench

    Specialized tool for adjusting lighting fixtures. Made of cast aluminum, and available from any Altman dealer, MSRP $9. Web link. Most useful fo
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    New Theatre at My High School

    Wow, that many huh? What ever are you going to do with that many dimmers?
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    Bad c-clamps?

    From Twitter: Anyone know anything more about this?
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    Stage rigging collapses at Indiana State Fair

    While it is certainly a tragedy, it could have been much, much worse. It could have happened AFTER Sugarland performed. :rolleyes: Apologies to Christian and Jennifer, just trying to lighten the mood.
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    ETC PARnel, Deep Color Gel Lasting

    And here I thought ETC was merely imitating what happens with most Fresnels.;) If you look at the Flood Focus Candela Plot on the cut sheet for the Source Four Fresnel, you'll see a dip in the center on the X-axis; the same on the ParNel cut sheet. I've had people argue and say that my eye is...
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    Scroller upside down?

    Stupid question, but, does it matter if a scroller (Wybron ColoRam II) is inserted upside down? They hang too low hung the regular way.
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    LD Needed

    Well, on the Gilmore Girls, Rory had to join the DAR before she could work in the office there.
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    Greenroom Showers (Signs)

    #1 rule about showers: #2, If you do drop the soap, just leave it their!
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    No lifts or catwalk use at our School!

    Perhaps THEY feel students should spend more time in English class, rather than on a lift or catwalk, so as not to appear ignorent in public.
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    Design Issues and Solutions How could you do this?

    Or else this might happen.:)
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    Getting help in understanding 3-phase

    So my highschool is looking into this to power our 1KLs, Lightronics dimmers, and Innovator. 1. How much do these cost? 2. Would we need to buy three of them for 3phase service? 3. Would zipcord work or do I have to use that thick heavy 4ot stuff?