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  1. segue

    1. To transition between scenes without breaking the action or calling attention to the scene change.
  2. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Collaborative Articles</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>Why Not to Fly, DIY

    The intention of this article is to draw together resources from Controlbooth, the internet, and other creditable sources to form a mini-reference guide with links to helpful articles, stories, and reasons why a theatre company should always consult a ...
  3. Haas Effect

    Haas Effect Also called the precedence effect, describes the human psychoacoustic phenomena of correctly identifying the direction of a sound source heard in both ears but arriving at different times. Due to the head&amp;#039;s geometry (two ears space...
  4. Doug Fleenor

    Doug Fleenor Design is a manufacturer of DMX512 distribution and interface equipment for the entertainment industry. A long and growing list of standard products is supplemented by a custom design service which provides solutions to unique problems. St...
  5. Wet Tech

    Technical rehearsals after the (optional) dry tech for the entire crew with all the technical elements, with actors. The entire show is done and the tech changes are practiced with actors.