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    Conventional Fixtures Asbestos?

    Thanks everyone. Pretty much confirmed my suspicion. Not to worry though, the whole room is undergoing abatement for a separate much more friable asbestos source so these fixtures will be properly handled by a professional abatement company. I was just there doing survey work for a renovation...
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    Conventional Fixtures Asbestos?

    Just out of academic interest, what is the likelihood that this old scoop has asbestos insulated wires? It's part of an abatement project anyway so it will be treated as asbestos regardless. Probably some more photos from this film studio to come later. Thanks,
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    I completely understand these sentiments and it is really encouraging to hear others share them. As I progressed through my senior year at school last year I actually took up a safety internship with the theatre department, and now I do safety and health fulltime (outside of theater...
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    Ebay store with cheap lights

    Rickblu, Yeah definently a fan of the analogue consoles. "Connects to each dimmer pack with a multi-conductor cable, 1 for every 8 dimmers." Although I have to say I appreciate that if you set channels to "Auxillary scene" the blackout switch doesnt affect them, houselights etc. also...
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    rewiring ethics - general concept

    Certainly an interesting problem. I have also run into similar requests. A few years ago somone asked me to replace the P6-20L on a large format toaster, I came over to the facility, only to figure out that what had actually happened was that the On/Off switch had broken and they had pulled...
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    Are C-clamps rated?

    Not an overtightening incident, but when you said this it made me think of an example given in Structural Design for the Stage, where the 1980 collapse of suspended walkways in a Hyatt Regency. Box beams were partially to blame here too, however it was two stacked walkways that were originally...
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    OSHA etc. & Students

    jwl868, will do thanks, I'm a native of VA and NJ and they have drastically different systems of thought as far as school district setups, so maybe I can compare them? I'll have to take a look. Then there is the difference between what is mandated by law and how schools conform to those...
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    OSHA etc. & Students

    Indeed it will, I recently recieved it and will be reading it in full very soon. Most of my report will have to do with primary and secondary research that has been published in peer reviewed journls. while Dr. Davidson's book is full of great resources and anecdotes, from what i can tell it...
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    OSHA etc. & Students

    Im glad i found this, I usually dont have time to look outside of the Lighting section, thanks for the holidays. But this coming semester I am doing a research project for my undergraduate degree in Human Science looking at how safety standards, codes, programs, published works and common...
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    Rental Gear Wiring

    So this should show how valuable it is to at leasat be able to recognize that something is "not right" even if unable to actually fix the problem. So we rented some 5K Arri Fresnels from a local company. We load in and hook them up to 6K dimmers that had never been used before. One works the...
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    Soundlight's Latest Creation

    That is really great, and really fortunate that you have such an understanding community to value the work of the lighting and technical staff. What we do is art too! I have been slowly massaging my program to similar end since i saw the video of your first show. I had some great ideas, and I...
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    Emergency Need help redesigning a show by tommorrow morning

    Ah, missunderstanding, I thought the show opened tomorrow. My mistake. yeah in this case I am sure others will have a better imput into possibilities than I. good luck.
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    Picking out gobos

    15 seems like a lot to me, although i dont recall your stage area. My feeling is that getting two different leaf sets would be a good idea, my personal favorites fall in the summer leaves area, I feel like you could get away with 10 per and then build on those with any left over budgets on a...
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    Emergency Need help redesigning a show by tommorrow morning

    How opposite is opposite? My advise is to just not let it happen again. because after all if this is a functional light design then hopefully no babies will die, if however you pull an all nighter and fall off a ladder, then it is possibly you will. Sometimes bad light designs happen, but...
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    N.E.C. Compliant?

    This is an interesting one, I will look into it, but I'm not really sure where to look either. It would seem to me that there is nothing expressly forbidding it, afterall Lex makes a product similar but with eddisons. Although I also question the strain relief ability of that configuration...