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    strands, lekos, big and baby zooms, fresnels and par 64's?
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    Bill McManus...RIP...

    Us the new stagehands, techies, and lighting designers will miss this great man for all of his contributions along with the great company he left behind. My friends and theatre do much work with McManus Co. and it is saddening to here such a great revolutionizing man has died. He will be greatly...
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    helloe from lighters

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    Wish i had found this earlier..

    deff cool, where is london ontario any ways? bad with geography...stupid school systems but on another note I was wondering what have you learned since you haver left high school and that high school thnk [email protected] taught u before u entered the so called, "real world"? sorry ity was me asking just...
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    helloe from lighters

    hey, I'm maxx, junior LM in PA I work wit Moojoe, hey if you guys find any cool and free lighting design or stagehand/techie sites vs programs e-mail me i'm looking for them and my time is slowly opening up due to the coming of the end of a current show i have designed. byes