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    Here's a "bright" idea - Government Seeks to Replace Incandescent Bulbs

    Well thats good to know that theatrical wattage builds will be safe. Not sure what we'll do about the dressing rooms. Flourescents aren't great, but they would be wonderful for the actors to dress under.
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    Here's a "bright" idea - Government Seeks to Replace Incandescent Bulbs

    Those are pretty interesting articles. I'm curious to hear what happens once the movie studios catch wind of this latest greenhouse measure.
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    Here's a "bright" idea - Government Seeks to Replace Incandescent Bulbs

    Here is an interesting article i found today. Am i wrong in thinking that this would include bulbs used in lighting instruments, HPL, FEL, etc, etc. Just curious what you all think about it.
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    New Girl.

    Just wanted to welcome you to the forum as well as Purchase. I'm currently a freshman at Purchase right now in the Design/Tech Program. Look forward to having you here next year.
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    lighting on a computer

    our high school has a dedicated lighting desktop PC and we use Horizon. It works with no problem at all. It runs at about $2/channel. So 512 channels costs $1024 for the basic system.
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    number of dimmers and channel capacity of high schools

    We have a Colortran 192 with about 130 dimmers. It runs off of a Horizon Control console with 512 channels.
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    Excellent Books on Lighting Design?

    A Practical Guide to Stage Lighting - Steve Shelley. This is a great book. The slinky method for focus cross light works great!
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    Vectorworks 12 upgrade?

    I bought Vectorworks 11 over the summer, and just recently Vectorworks 12 has been released. Does anyone know if i'll be able to upgrade to 12 for free or will i have to purchase the new version if I want it?
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    All you have to do is call Vectorworks and tell them you want to purchase a copy.
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    Paper Focus?

    I know Lightwrite has a foucs tab, where you can note how you want each instrument focused, shutter lines, etc. That could be a paper focus.
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    Cheap/Free Light Plot Software?

    I believe a student version of Vectorworks is only about $200. That's what i got. I searched around for some alternatives, but always came back to VW, SoftPlot, WYG.
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    Plot Sharing

    I just posted a copy of my West Side Story plot. That seems like a really useful webiste. Thanks.
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    Rosco 364 or Rosco 365

    I'm taking a poll. I've used both of these colors as a moon representation.
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    Final Show Pics up

    Ohh pretty.
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    College Considerations

    Hey everyone. Wow, it's been a while since I've been here. Right now i'm considering colleges for lighting design. I have a few in mind here in Kansas, but i've also been looking out of state. I've looked at Purchase College SUNY and North Carolina School of the Arts. I would welcome...