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    Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

    Joseph ATATDCHey, Our school just did Joseph atatdc and I was ld/td for it. I don't know if you have a budget or not, but the suggestion of dj effects is a good one. I had a lagre budget but i stayed way under it buy renting dj equipment for effects. Some equipment I suggest is the Abyss II...
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    using turbocad

    hi, I just started using turbocad to draw out my lighting design. The problem is that when i drag the lamps into the layout they end up being huge on the screen.... whats wrong, or what should I do differently?
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    Suggested U.S. colleges/universities for technical theatre

    Thanks for the reply. I totally agree, i just posted it because there are so many schools ot there so it is good to hear what ppl have to say about some of them.
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    Suggested U.S. colleges/universities for technical theatre

    I am currently attending high school, and looking for a college/university that has a good theatre program and offers a BFA in technical theatre in the US. Any suggestions?...