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    What pneumatics to use?

    Middle stile? There are only two stiles, and they are on the outside. with 1x3 stock, your toggles should be 3' - 10 1/2" going from stile to stile.
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    Which part in my mover is broken?

    I had a similar issue on a 5R Pro a few years back... it was the Fan. The lamp would strike, but them go out almost immediately because the fan wasn't kicking on... a failsafe to keep the lamp from over heating.
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    Live Broadcast

    I've been using OBS to broadcast football games (had to find another way to fill my days since my school is not doing live theatre at the moment). Our sports broadcast club usually uses a dedicated PC with multiple video inputs from cameras (SDI or HDMI), 4 monitor outputs, multiple hard drives...
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    Fact or myth

    In my current high school theatre as technical director (10th year), we have a 4 foot drop from the front edge of the stage, to the stationary orchestra pit. In that time, there have been 2 injuries due to falling off the edge of the stage that have resulted in broken bones, or dislocated...
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    Practical physics question: casters and wagons and weight.

    I love zero throw casters. I hate their price. I did research on them a few years ago when I had a set that was going to require 40 of them... not economically feasible. I found a paper online from a student at MIT which included plans on making your own out of scrap plywood, hardware store...
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    Motorized Platform

    Ok, so I know the normal procedure of a winch with cables and a track, but I want a bit more freedom of movement here. I am looking for a way to have a small wagon with one or two actors and a small set piece (small bed, styrofoam flat attached to the front) remotely motorized around the stage...
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    What are your best Chinese fixtures, and where to find them?

    I recently went the route of buying some cheap lights from China, just to see what kind of quality I would actually get. The manufacturer that you referenced in your original post (tip top light) is actually the one I ordered from. And, they were LED Strip Lights, very similar to one made by...
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    Spooky Halloween shows?

    For Halloween last year, our high school production was a double header (including a late night show following our football game) of "10 ways to survive the zombie apocalypse" and "Night of the Living Dead", both of which are a one act play.
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    Elation 5rPro lamp won't stay struck

    I was afraid of that... thanks. I have contemplated reseating the lamp (works with conventional lights), thoughts?
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    Elation 5rPro lamp won't stay struck

    I have been operating 11 Elation 5rPros in my theatre on an ETC Ion console for the last year. Last night was the opening night of our first show of the school year, and two of them went out during the show. The lamp hours are only at about 847 hours so I don't think its the lamp. Also, when I...
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    Countryman B3 Mic

    I think I would rather just have the distributer exchange them for what I was paying for.
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    Countryman B3 Mic

    Based on the links provided, I now see how the code is for a comtek OR Sky system (thank you for providing that), and it was merely happenstance that the wiring worked with a Sennheiser pack at all. It would appear that the distributer did not look at the model number, simply noticed that the...
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    Countryman B3 Mic

    In the last year and a half, I have made two separate purchases for my theatre that individually were great, but together have caused me a headache that I didn't even realize until yesterday. In May of 2011, I purchased 3 new countryman B3 mics for my existing Sennheiser EW100 (G2 series)...
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    Advice on rigging bridge for Les Mis

    While I agree with the others that are concerned about your plan of using one line, I am mostly concerned about your lack of understanding how a counter balanced fly system works, and doing a show like Les Mis!
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    Advice on rigging bridge for Les Mis

    I just closed a production of Les Mis Student Edition two days ago. Our bridge (30" wide x 13' long) was hung on two lines (aircraft cable at each corner going up two to each batten) and counter weighted to accommodate the bridge with no other weight. When the bridge is setting on top of the...