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    Coax to iMac

    Hi everyone,I have a video signal coming from a live videographer that he's giving me as coax. I need to get it into Q-Lab as a video input so I can use a "Camera" cue.What converters, etc., can I use to get from Coax to USB or Thunderbolt? And how can I configure that as a video input...
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    I'm working on putting together a summer technical theatre workshop for a high school's theatre program. They already have a summer theatre camp and want to add in a summer tech theatre camp, so I suggested starting with a workshop this summer.It'll be for kids mid-junior high through high...
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    Q-Lab Tandem

    Hi everyone,I want to run Q-Lab in tandem. I have one MacBook Pro which is the Master and I want an iMac as a backup slave running in tandem. How do I connect the two and how does the master trigger the slave? I was thinking I would connect the two via ethernet and figured the solution has...
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    Tub is electrics ?

    Our professor has one story of being on tour and being responsible for planning power for wardrobe to have backstage since the green room was too far and wig & makeup needed all of their equipment in little gondolas backstage. So as the PE he was responsible for getting them 20 amps here, 20...
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    Tub is electrics ?

    Joe:1. NCSA has both a design program and a Lighting Technology (electrics) program. Both highly regarded in their own rights. The Lighting Technology program is run by the current production electrician for two Broadway tours. But irrelevant.2. The notes I posted clearly state that the...
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    Where to buy Front of House Equipment...??

    A theater I used to work at had a nice stand (think fancy master bathroom stand for tissues or toliet paper) with a fancy tissue box cover with a metal tin under it. Worked wonderfully. Matched the decorum in the lobby/theater.
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    Tub is electrics ?

    According to my notes from North Carolina School of the Arts Intro to Electrics course, Electrics could be responsible for:Realizing the lighting design Setting up the control and power path Conventionals Moving Lights Fog, Haze, Smoke Nitrogen CO2 Dry Ice Glycogen...
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    Focus Tape Question

    What's the best material to make focus tapes out of?
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    Altman 360Q

    What's the formula for 360Qs, again? In a 6x9, what does the 6 stand for and what does the 9 stand for?Just need a reminder!Thanks!!
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    Usher Scanner Stands

    I need to buy/make stands for my user's Symbol MC70 scanners. Anyone know anything that would work? Also, is there a way for it to scan without having to hold down the scan button?What I have in mind is a scanner stand that could sit on-top of a box and they could just slide the eTickets...
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    Equipment Rental Software

    Are there any free or open source rental management softwares?
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    Q-Lab 3.0 Question

    Thanks! Now what if I want to change the time as the cue is playing? Like when I don't know what exact time I want the cue to start, I just want to slide back and forth.
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    Q-Lab 3.0 Question

    Hey everyone: I just downloaded Q-Lab 3.0 and can't seem to find a feature that was in Q-Lab 2.0. In 2.0, you could open the Active Cues display and slide the slider to fast forward/rewind through an audio cue. I found the Active Cues display, but it doesn't seem to allow me to fast...
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    VW - Chroma-Q Color Force Symbol

    Does anyone have a Color Force 72 VW Symbol? Thanks!!
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    Clearcom - Audio Only

    Hi everyone. I'm a lighting guy, so I'm not sure how audio really works in-depth, so sorry if this seems like a simple question. I'm short two clearcom beltpacks for a musical I'm designing for the two follow spot ops and there isn't budget to buy or rent two more. They just need to hear...