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    paint a stage floor to look like carpet

    We are doing a production of Down in Front at our local community theatre. Nice, lighthearted comedy that takes place in the lobby of a community theatre on opening night of a new play. I would like to paint our concrete stage floor (I know I hate it too) to look like shag carpet. Anyone have...
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    magic carpet for Aladdin & boat for Phantom of the Opera

    I am TD for Phantom of the Opera and helping a friend with her production of Alladin, Jr. I am looking for some very low budget ideas for powering the carpet and the boat for both productions. I figure the carpet will have a black skirt to hide any mechanics and the boat will be in cold fog...
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    Control/Dimming EDI Omega 2

    Thanks for everyone's help. I got in touch with someone from EDI tech support and he sent me the user manual as a pdf. Exactly what I needed. And here it is for reference for others as needed.
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    Control/Dimming EDI Omega 2

    Thanks! I will contact them.
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    Control/Dimming EDI Omega 2

    I have no idea but it certainly doesn't look new! I will call tech support. Thanks for your suggestion. I was hoping to find an online pdf manual but I figured it was a long shot.
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    Control/Dimming EDI Omega 2

    Good Morning All, I have just been hired on as TD for a high school production of Phantom of the Opera. I took a tour of the auditorium last night for the first time and saw that they have an Omega 2 light board. I am trying to find some sort of manual or user guide or even tech specs for this...