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    Gen-locking DSLR to LED screen

    Hey guys,I'm producing a pop-up concert on top of a double decker bus in 2 weeks. The bus has a built-in 27' x 7' LED screen on the driver side. The performance will be shot using 4-5 DSLR cams at 24fps. I'm concerned with flicker issues when shooting the LED screen at that framerate. How...
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    Glass gobo throw on grass?

    Hey guys,Got an outdoor screening coming up and the client wants full color glass gobos to be projected on a grass field. My concern is that the logo (almost identical to the Family Guy logo) will be washed out with the green grass. Thinking about putting them in VL3500s that will be rigged...
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    Electrics and Wiring Questions

    I got lost four posts in :shock:....Sometimes I wish there was a "Powering a Stage for Dummies" book out there...
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    Initial Rental Inventory

    Anyone have any thoughts on Maxedia Compact? I feel like it does a lot considering its price point.
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    Initial Rental Inventory

    Thanks for all the input everyone.. very helpful! To clear up a few things, I was skeptical myself when I threw the 10k projectors on that list. Initially I am 100% open to subrenting out big ticket items. I would just like to put together a flexible enough system as a backbone for larger...
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    Initial Rental Inventory

    Hi All,Long time reader, first time poster here! I was hoping to get some CB expertise for my situation.My company is looking to make the jump into video/multimedia production for our events. Up to now we have been 75% lighting 25% sound and sticking mostly to special events (product...