I'm now in command in the area of lighting at my high school, and I'm the chief designer, master electrician, etc. I'm also the Student Technical Director, as I know a decent amount (on a high school standard IE, not that much) about things that aren't lights. I've been lucky enough to find work at a bunch of theatres/events in the area, so I've worked with a decent number of groups.

I usually program on a Palette VL64, from the good people at Strand, or on a gold ole ETC Express, but I've done some work on various other desks. Being on the robotics team and a DIY geek have given me a wide-ish knowledge of other electronics. I'm also in an alternative program at school that's supposed to train future engineers. I'm in the process of looking for a college where I can study lighting design, engineering, and/or physics, and I'm eager to learn anything and everything about everything.

Thanks everyone!

Physics, Reading, Computers, DIY, Robotics, Electronics
Columbus, Ohio
HS Student


Noah B
HS Student--Lighting Designer
HS Student TD



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