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  1. best seat

    HPL lamp insertion tool made by Production Advantage.
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  3. Production Advantage

    ( Dealer for lighting, audio and staging equipment and tools. Based in Vermont. Website is [URL='h
  4. inductance

    Inductance is a concept within electricity and electronics relating a change in current to a change in voltage. This cause of this effect is a consistent current creating a magnetic field, and then a change in current moving the magnetic field in rela...
  5. vernier calipers

    Vernier calipersare a small measuring tool used to measure small lengths to a high level of accuracy.
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  7. crimp

    The act of attaching a connector to stranded wire through pressure applied to a part of the connector,
  8. Crimping

    See Crimp.
  9. Wire Crimper

    Tool used to ...
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  11. wire cutter

    Tool used to cut stranded wire. Often bundled in the same product as ...
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  13. wire strippers

  14. wire cutters