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    Interesting Debate: Masters degree or Three Associates + strong CV/Resume

    Is that the Colin I think it is?In relation to this conversation, my work history has been more important than my education. But my education was also the start of my work history.I would guess if you wanted to teach a Masters would help. Brandt brings up a good point that over education...
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    Control/Dimming ETC Express Remote Control?

    Every time I go to help with focus at the HS and there is only 2 or 3 of us and I wish we had a RFU I start thinking, why has no one reverse engineered this yet, dropped it into an arduino based box and gave it an IP address?Then I google around, and see there is nothing really out there and...
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    Projection Screen Material - On a budget

    I used bed sheets (kings size) with my 1989 Sony CRT freebee projector back in High School.Speaking of which that thing is still up in storage. Anyone want it?
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    Playing two sound cues simultaneously?

    The g5 I use for qlab was a free throw away from a college.The g4 in the closet is the same thing. Old macs have a habit of living on longer than they are useful, but qlab does just fine with the old hardware.
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    Playing two sound cues simultaneously?

    Qlab is awesome if you have an old (or new) mac laying around. I just use my old g5 iMac for cue playback. Free for the basic stuff, and a pretty solid program. Figure 53 | QLab | Live Show Control for Mac OS XSFX is a program that a theatre I was at a few years back used. Solid, not...
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    outdoor music at dusk lighting

    Thanks Gaff, thats what I am thinking. Lights on standby. To bad I am stuck with just a few 20am circuits. The theatre house with dimming rack is only some 200 feet as the bird flies, but there is a cement wall in the way.It looks to be clearing up, I hope to pop out to the venue at...
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    outdoor music at dusk lighting

    as far as egress, the audience area is on a campus and well lit. There will be no problem with people seeing where they are going after dark.The show starts at 6pm. I highly highly doubt it will go any later than 8pm. Sunset is officially at 8:08 pm according to wunderground.I guess I...
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    outdoor music at dusk lighting

    I had the building drawings out looking for circuits up on that end going, "where is the power?!?". It's just not there.
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    What inspired you to get into technical theatre?

    I always like sharing this story.I'll make it short. I was acting/singing in middle/high school. When I was 15 or 16 I got kicked out of the HS performance of Mame or something due missing a before school rehearsal for whatever reason. The director made "an example of me". So I asked the...
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    outdoor music at dusk lighting

    Was just browsing a few threads on here to get ideas on this subject.I am an audio head, not a lighting guy. Our lighting person is out for a bit so I'll be covering this one, that and its a new event/location that we never tried before.Event is a concert that should be ending at dusk...