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    Mixers/Consoles QSC TouchMix16 to X32

    I've used the Soundcraft Si, Yamaha everything, X32 and Allen and Heath Qu and SQ. Currently the SQ is a big favorite of mine because of the layout. I really appreciate that all the buttons and knobs aren't in a straight line and there's space to put tape. It's an easy enough console to teach...
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    Design Issues and Solutions I need to run 10 cables up a cinder block wall. How can I mount them?

    If what you're doing isn't actually permanent, which it doesn't sound like it is since you already have other permanently installed dimmers, and just planned on being used sometimes, like for band concerts etc, I'd recommend making yourself a bundle of cable with a rope and pulley and a safety...
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    Countryman B3's for sale, new.

    I had the same issue when I switched out a church from AKG to Sennheiser. makes custom adapter cables for about $8. Works great!
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    Need help lighting an Orchestra

    Not sure how the room is being lit during this rehearsal photo. Is it only lit from the windows or are there light on inside? I honestly think Ron's idea is brilliant. Renting searchlights is usually far cheaper than renting a 10k from a grip rental house, including delivery, and the effect...
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    Automated Movement of Props/Scenery (Stepper Motors?)

    Steel low profile wagons with push sticks have been my experience when you want a show to seem automated but using inexpensive and reusable materials. Usually end up with 2 per side that are 10-15' long and your designer makes all the pretty sets fit nicely on the wagon and your backstage crew...
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    ETC Irideon AR50 DMX Control

    Ok, so I've checked polarity and continuity all the way from the DMXi into the fixture and where I can trace the DMX wires (purple and white twisted) end up, on the arm's PCB. Still no DMX function. Not sure if I've mentioned this before two baffling points. 1. The self test will run when the...
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    Leviton DMX dimmer leaves LED bulbs at level

    In a production of Beauty and the Beast, we had the rose petal drops (the single ones) on solenoids powered by a couple dimmer packs. Then the light cue would fire the dimmer to pull a small piece of wire that held the rose petals. In that instance we needed a ghost load because the solenoid...
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    Wireless Wireless mic settings

    On the gain adjustment, I always had the transmitter set fairly low to prevent clipping. But also know that elements come in different output levels so there might be some tweaking involved there too. On choosing frequencies, it's hard to choose without "looking" at your available spectrum, but...
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    ETC Irideon AR50 DMX Control

    I'll start over with my wiring and make sure polarity is copesetic. They're super cute and surprisingly bright for a 35w lamp and really nice color. Really wish something like it was still manufactured.
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    Installs Bluetooth input for gymnasium sound system

    What happens when there is a phone call? Does the music just stop?
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    Installs Bluetooth input for gymnasium sound system

    Also, if the client is using a streaming service for their music (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube Music, Amazon Music) they will need - at least - Wifi enabled. If wifi is enabled, they will still be able to get iMessages and phone calls. (I assume Android has wifi calling, not sure on wifi texts.)
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    Installs Bluetooth input for gymnasium sound system

    I get your frustration in the 1/8" jack lacking on iPhones but the upside is it's the #1 cheapest thing you can buy from apple at $9. I have a whole bunch of them in my dongle bag along with HDMI dongles. The downside of using an iPhone as music for your event, especially when it's a client's...
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    Installs Bluetooth input for gymnasium sound system

    I don't know if it was that exact model because the one I tried was black and not blue. For reference, I was testing this in a huge ballroom as a solution for events whos only requirement was background music, no mic, no mixer, etc. So we would just plug directly into the wall jack. The wall...
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    Backup generator for a theater

    For a thought exercise, I thought about how many Tesla Power Walls it would take to power a theatre, but found their website so infuriating as to not provide any real documentation about what capabilities each battery had, I gave up.
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    Color Correction Gels for Cheap LEDs

    I'm glad to see there are others watching Alex's office hours. I've always wanted to participate but waking up at 6am to be in another zoom meeting is way outside of what I want to commit to.