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    Parish Notices

    Bruno and James take a moment to have a cuppa and say thank you to the Making Theatre Podcast listeners. reading...
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    Bernie Davis - TV Lighting Director

    This time we talk to Bernie Davis, the veteran television lighting director, about a subject increasingly apposite to our own work; adapting stage lighting for television and online broadcast. Bernie is responsible for numerous NT Live and Royal Opera House broadcasts, alongside his work on...
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    Prasanna Puwanarajah

    Prasanna Puwanarajah is an actor, director and writer, working across theatre, film and television. He also happens to be a fully trained medical doctor..who is also writing a graphic novel. We thought someone with so many different hats might be well placed to offer a unique perspective on the...
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    Lee Batty - Technical Director, The Really Useful Group

    In this episode we talk to the technical director of the Really Useful Group, Lee Batty.We hear how a supportive family and some key advice from a trusted teacher played a pivotal role in setting Lee on his path. From childhood in a Yorkshire mining community, and an inspirational sixth form...
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    Ben Ormerod - Lighting Designer

    We return to our comfort zone of lighting and have an insightful discussion with Ben Ormerod, who gives us the best explanation we have ever heard about what a lighting designer does. Ben has thought deeply about his art and developed it over many years of practice and we enjoy a conversation...
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    Clare Vidal-Hall and Amy Markatis - Agents

    In Episode 19, we talk to our agents Clare Vidal-Hall and Amy Markatis of Clare Vidal-Hall Management. We discuss their routes into the industry, negotiating with producers and why representation is necessary, not just to secure the best deals and unpick the legalese, but to provide emotional...
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    Freelancers Make Theatre Work

    Bruno and James talk to Adele Thomas, Chino Odimba and Neil Austin about Freelancers Make Theatre Work - a collective voice to advocate for the UK theatre freelance
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    Chloe Lamford - Set Designer

    Today we are talking to one of the most influential and sought after designers of her generation, Chloe Lamford www.chloelamford.com
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    Hetti Curtis and Laura Wilson - Stage Managers

    In episode 3 we speak to extraordinary stage managers Hetti Curtis and Laura Wilson, known for their work on many productions, including Julius Caesar and Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Bridge Theatre. Stage Managers are central and crucial to any show, yet are often invisible to the public. We...
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    Vicki Mortimer - Designer

    In Episode 4 we talk to renowned set and costume designer Vicki Mortimer, known for her work designing theatre and opera productions worldwide, and recently for helping to organise both the Freelancers Make Theatre work and SceneChange campaigns. We discuss her design process, collaboration...
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    Tamykha Patterson - Assistant Lighting Designer and Lighting Programmer

    In this episode we have an inspiring conversation with Tamykha Patterson, whose remarkable passion, drive and tenacity is something of a masterclass in how to go about getting a career in theatre...
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    Chris Shutt, Sound Designer

    Award winning sound designer Chris Shutt talks to us in detail about his punk origins, his design process, the witchcraft that is underscoring, the subtleties of amplified sound, Tom Waits, Warhorse, and how it would all be much better if we just sat closer together in the tech...
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    Luke Halls - Video and Projection Designer

    In Episode 7 we discuss working with moving images across theatre, opera, music, fashion and art, employing a full time team, collaboration, painting with pixels, breakfast - and the power of the “don’t do that mood board.”...
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    Ola Ince - Director

    Episode 8 - Acclaimed director and dramaturg Ola Ince joins us for an insightful conversation about life as a director: responsibility, origins, auditions, rehearsals, working with the creative team, taking and giving notes, managing opinions, finding solutions, starting with a smell, the...
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    Jeannette Nelson - Voice Coach

    In episode 9 we have a very enjoyable conversation with Jeannette, and learn so much. She started in theatre as a soubrette and dancer, touring the worldwide, before moving into voice work. As well as voice and dialect coaching on innumerable West End, Film and Television productions, she has...