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    Hypothetical Play for Stagecraft

    I will, thanks.
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    Hypothetical Play for Stagecraft

    Excellent ideas. Thank you.
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    Hypothetical Play for Stagecraft

    Greetings, oh learned ones. I've got it in my head to try teaching my next Stagecraft class as if we were actually building a show, so I need a play that's fairly simple, but hits most of the scenic basics. Most of my students are non-theatre majors and I fear that The Importance of Being...
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    An Opera Question

    Hmm, interesting. My closest theory was that the water would grab airborne dust and drop it to the floor. Thanks.
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    An Opera Question

    In the excellent documentary Sing Faster: The Stagehands' Ring Cycle there is a shot of a tech walking around spraying a fine mist into the air with a Hudson sprayer. I can't for the life of me figure out what he's doing, and every time I show my Stagecraft class this movie someone asks. Does...
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    Sensor Racks

    Thanks, SB. That's exactly what I was looking for. You rock! :-) Rick
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    Sensor Racks

    Howdy, Y'all, I am trying come up with a very rough estimate of what it would cost to replace our 30+ year old dimmers with new stuff, but no one posts prices. Does anyone know the approximate, rough, ball park, there is no way in hell I'll quote you on this but I'm just trying to get an...
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    New Band Teacher Thrown into teaching Technical Theatre

    Tell him to get a copy of Theatrical Design and Production, by J. Michael Gillette and The Backstage Handbook stat!
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    Glue 'n Screw

    I glue and staple flats. I just use 3" screws on platform frames and 1 5/8" screws to put the lids on. I only recently encountered platforms that were glued and screwed, and it made cannibalizing them very difficult. I'm sure there is a somewhat larger margin of safety if you glue the lid to...
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    Curtain call for crew?

    No, no NO!! I like to compare the crew to Ninjas. The highest praise a techie can get is if the audience has no idea he/she is there. We get our thanks from a job well done, a show where nothing breaks and nobody bleeds real blood, and in some instances from a paycheck. Like many others have...
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    Double Bladed Bleeding Knife

    Don't forget to grind the point down, too. ;)
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    Rules on Cans

    Yeah, if you don't know for sure who can hear you, always assume the wrong people can. Once during an elementary school dance recital I commented that one of the cardboard records that were hanging over the stage was blocking one of the dancer's head. By the time the telephone game got it to...
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    Ragtime Performance Canceled

    Sorry to keep banging this drum, but I fear you have missed the point of most of our objections to this action. As I said in my first comment, it is clear that no one in authority read the script before greenlighting the show. I totally agree that Ragtime is inappropriate for a public, outdoor...
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    Leatherman for Dummies

    Does your shop have a bench grinder? If so ask a grown-up to grind off those nasty pointy bits and sharp edges for you. :mrgreen:
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    Ragtime Performance Canceled

    I want that on a tee shirt. :)