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    Set Changes

    I've taken a sheet of paper with 2 scale drawings of the stage on it, one above the other, and drawing of before and after of the set change. I.e. the scene A and scene B. On there is a list of what linesets move and a list of who is moving what set piece. I kept a set of copies for myself...
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    cyc options

    Thanks yall that should get me started. but more ideas are always welcome.
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    cyc options

    its 30 by 40 with glass windows and white wall behind. In front is a band on a raised platform. It would be used at least once weekly and most probably need to be stored after everyuse. It will be used for color washes, a few simple chases, beam flash deals, probly some projection also. I was...
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    cyc options

    I need a cheep alternative to a cyc. Any ideas? Doesn't have to be seemless, but i want something better than sewing white sheets together. And preferably something that can be move around easly, struck and constructed reatively quickly.
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    Techie sayings

    We dont have much of a pre show saying but when we do something well be use "slicker than eel S**t" We also advise all our newbies "Screw fast, Drill slow"
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    How to keep your gels from burning out too quickly

    We just installed a similar product, or maybe its the same product, a "heat shield". Its installed in between the lamp and the gell, in a seperate gell frame. Is that what your talking about??? We had a gigantic problem with the gells in our dark blue washes burning out. And we have tried...
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    I hate Wisdom Teeth...

    I went in for the pre-removal check yesterday; x-rays, info, and that sort of thing. Doesnt sound to bad, they plan on putting me all the way under. I get them yanked out in October. Our art is such a live, visual and cooperative art that it would be hard to hold a contest where one...
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    hi wass up

    You could also see if there are any comunity theater groups in your area. Here are a few basic steps: Find a theater to work in. Buy lots of black clothing. Obtain some tools...
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    Sound f/x Downloading sound effects

    I would like to know in the next couple of days where I can down load some sound effects. I would like to get them to burn on to a cd. Thanks for any help you can give.
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    what is little shop of horors about, it sounds very familiar i just cant place it.
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    Your opinions of Cordless Drill-Drivers

    in our theater we use makita. We've used them for as longa as anyone can remember because their batteries are almost completly interchangeable between newer models and all the batteries no matter how old use the same chargers. This makes it easy at the end of the day when we just take out the...
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    hanging mics

    If you are having trouble picking up sound on hanging mics you may be interested to know that they pick up sound in a cone. The narrow end of the cone is at the tip of the mic and the pick up area widens as you get futher away. So if you cant pick some one up on stage try bringing the hanging...
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    tech unions even though im not a union member I know that some union techies say "batton comming in up stage/down stage/mid stage" then eveyone on stage says "thank you." If you loading or unloading pigs in the loading galery yell "clear the rail" and everyone backs off and says "thank you."...
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    the meaning of "yellow dart" None of the poll stuff is right. go to and see "strong bad's email" and watch "english paper" Or if I'm wrong please inform me.
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    oh yeah, love the englilsh the yellow dart . . . couldnt hurt to throw some cash in to seal the deal, I know what you mean. SB rules.