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    Picking out gobos

    I know that you have used this before but it may give you some new ideas: Matt McCormick
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    Photometric Visualizer

    Part 3 in a series of Design Tools. Here is the Photometric Visualizer: Calculate beam angles, throw distances, intensity, light spill and more. Features include a growing library of commonly used instruments and lamps as well the ability to use...
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    Favorite Gobo Rotator?

    I have had many conversations with Keith at Apollo. Once I have the time I will be writing a flash program that simulates the effects in Apollo's Smart Move, once I have the time. It will be listed on my website and will feature all 3,000+ patterns in my database. Matt McCormick...
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    For all you Hog guys...

    On a Hog 1000 I will setup the preset banks so that I can wing the entire show without any thing programed into the sliders. Granted, I only use the preset banks for moving lights and I do mostly corporate shows, with group and pig + time I can set my timming for differant attributes within a...
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    Elation PowerSpot 700 CMY Review

    Re: More PowerSpot 700 Info Martin's gobos and animation discs are made by DHA, which was acquired by Rosco. 2 gobos stuck out to me: Which are both from Apollo. Matt McCormick...
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    Lighting Trees (T) par 64s

    If light spill is an issue, try Source 4 ellipsoidal's. They have shutters that can chop off unwanted spills of light. Look into Applied Electrions L-16 lifts. They have 16' of trim and a steaper angle also help reduce light spill.
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    Wondering about Altman

    Their last big product was the Smart Track™ Lighting System. Which an architectural product. I am still waiting for someone to revolutionize the fresenl market like the Source 4 did to the ellipsoidal spot. And no, I don't mean the Parnel. I do have...
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    Elation PowerSpot 700 CMY Review

    Re: More PowerSpot 700 Info Those look really similar to Apollo Gobo's. Is there any markings on them that might indicate the manufacture? Same for the animation discs. The unit that had for a demo was a protype and did not have any of the extra gobos. Matt McCormick
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    Old, Old lighting fixtures?

    Paul Pelletier has a photo gallery of antique lighting fixtures and consoles: Matt McCormick
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    Harness used for lighting...?

    Well, now that you are getting proper fall arrest equipment, don't get lazy and not use it. It can be a pain snice the harness will get uncomfortable after long periods of time and the leash will always get in the way. It still beats becoming a paraplegic for the rest of your life. I'm not...
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    DMX noise - console, lights, or cables?

    I have a client that is using the same console as you are and having the same problems. I plugged a Martin MP2 in the B data and it was the console that was causing the moving lights jitters. Seeing as how it was your work lights, I will suggest he put a power conditioner on the console...
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    DMX Motor Base

    Robe makes media spinners that will either do banner or flat panel tv's. Matt McCormick
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    Low Budget Hazers?...

    Try the Antari HZ-300. That should fit into your budget, and depending on the length of the show it might be cheaper than renting a DF-50. Matt McCormick
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    Light Plot Software?

    If you do not advocate piracy, then why did you divulge this information? Thank you for at least stopping short of providing a link to the crack. The lighting industry is small, that is the reason why programs cost as much as they do. If you are working in an educational institution you...
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    Touring Questions

    Yeah, but if you have CDL, and you also do lighting. You will find that you do more driving that lighting. For some reason (or another) no one has a drivers license. Matt McCormick