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    Crimp connector / Crimper

    Not Dr. Mayhem just yet but getting there. Sometimes research takes a different turn or you hit a dead end and have to back out a bit. Or you have a family crisis that impacts on your workload. But that is life and research in general. I will be in the US in October but unfortunately not...
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    stereo to mono

    I prefer to use a summing amp. Depending on how competent you feel about making one I have posted a link below to the schematics for the ones I have built and used. When running sound I will always prefer mono over stereo for better balance and depth for the punters. But each to their own...
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    Crimp connector / Crimper

    Of course, Ship has never broken a tool, I'm sure 8) Perhaps he just doesn't have the grip strength :) My vote is with sweaty hands guy! Mayhem looks after his tools and gives them a wipe down with a 50% turps 50% air tool oil mix to keep them rust free. Crimpers were not abused either...
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    DMX wiring

    Surely such a beast does not exist? All signal cable requires shielding or it is nothing more than power cable! For what it is worth – there are a variety of colour combinations of shielded cable available, so I don’t think it really matters which colour goes to which pin. What is important...
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    Crimp connector / Crimper

    Now he tells me!
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    A new member of the family!

    Congratulations to Rachel and you Dave – well done! I see he is almost as tall as you are already!! Don’t listen to Van either, I have been sleep deprived for the past 6 years!! Good luck.
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    Di Box Question

    One option to consider is the simple BALUN (BALanced to UNbalanced) lead, which can be easily made. There are two versions, one using a small 1:1 transformer and the other without. I have a couple of each because some amps (including some pro audio) reject the transformer (of course, this is...
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    5 pin DMX to 3 pin DMX

    Read the standard some years ago and you are missing my point. Standards are written at a certain point in time. Things progress, times change and so on. DMX as a standard versus the connection as a standard? Which is the essential part? Don't remember calling it a "so-called" protocol...
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    5 pin DMX to 3 pin DMX

    Does it make all that much different in reality? I remember when bare ends and screw down terminals were the standard for speaker connections. Then TRS, then 3pin XLR, now Speakon. Most amps still come out with the screw terminals on them. From what I see in the industry, this is so that...
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    Suddenly, the Three Phase died.

    Ever seen the result of a mouse or rat crawling over the bus bars?
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    Interesting jack on an interesting speaker

    Actually they will. 1+ and 1- with mate up but 2+ and 2- that will not get connected. Unless you are bi-amping boxes or using another configuration where you need to use four connectors, the NL2 will work fine. I replaced all my XLRs with NL2 jacks and receptacles long ago and some of my...
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    Interesting jack on an interesting speaker

    Looking at the pics it appears to be a home made (some prefer the word "custom") monitor. It has most likely been made in a shop somewhere rather than off the production line. The Aluminium angle gives it away, although it may have been an add on at a later date. Sorry - but I really do not...
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    Interesting jack on an interesting speaker

    Van is probably correct. However, it could be a 2 pin din plug/ receptacle which were used in early applications. Is it a home stereo or professional speaker? If it was a home speaker then I would go with Din. On another note, I am still dead against the use of mains power pugs and...
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    Locking Isolator Switch in 'ON' position?!?!

    Chris15 - what would happen if there was a large amount of current on the neutral? (is this even possible?). I know it is not the correct forum - but I have not posted a QOTD in some time.
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    Carpeting Speaker Boxes

    One for the Australian's out there - there use to be a product called "rock hard", which was a think, water-based paint that was very tough and easy to apply with a textured roller. I tried to get some recently but couldn't find any. If you can source some on the East coast, buy it. When...