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    Twas the Night Before Christmas - CB Edition

    That is like amazingness!!!!! :grin:
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    Putting A Face To The Name

    Ok I have a new picture. As soon as I get a crew picture I'll put that up but here's so you can see what I look like at least.
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    Do You Draw Daily/Weekly

    I sketch pretty much everyday but thats cause I love to draw. :grin:
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    Hello from "Not so sunny" California

    Hi from also not sunny California. Its still cloudy and cold where i'm at in Foster City. Who could imagine its cold and cloudy in california.
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    i tried to find it on youtube but that failed. anyone else want to try youtube since i failed at it.
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    Crew music

    On weekends or crew hanging out and getting things done for a show we always put on wild 94.9 a hiphop station cause thats how we roll. But if it was tech class or something no music except for the couple of us on crew, we were allowed to listened to our ipods.
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    Curricular Inadequacies

    My school has both but they both kinda suck. Our director is both the acting teacher and tech teacher. My tech classes you don't learn anything in unless your on the stagecrew then you learn a little bit but not enough to really know what your doing. Its mostly if you want to be on crew you...
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    Putting A Face To The Name

    avkid your ride is so much nicer than mine. I can't drive yet but I do have a truck. When I do start driving I get to drive a 1986 toyota short bed truck thats pretty much a wreck and it doesn't like to start half the time.
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    Putting A Face To The Name

    At my school there are four parking lots. One is just for teachers the others are first come. The one parking lot thats in front of both theatres and music rooms is where all the drama, band, and student gov people park for some reason. My schools is in the middle of a residential area so...
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    Putting A Face To The Name

    I don't get a parking spot. I usually take the bus to school and home if I don't have rehersal. If I have rehersal my mom has to pick me up. I can't drive yet I'm currently in drivers ed.
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    Putting A Face To The Name

    Heres two pics of me one is my senior portrait kinda crummy copy off the web and the other is one I edited for a project. I do have a prom pic if anyone does want to see me in a dress. I wish I had a picture from working during a show but alas those do not exist for all I know. ~Meghan~ :grin:
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    Tracking vs. Cue-Only

    I'm confused. What's tracking and cue-only? I've never heard these terms before.
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    Comic Potential

    Thanks a million for the couple of websites!! :) ~Meghan~
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    Comic Potential

    My drama teacher doesn't want to give me input or anything. The day of my tech final he gave me the script and told me go work on it over winter break. The show hasn't even been cast yet, no rehersals nothing yet. Also I'm pretty new to designing sound for a play. I've only designed lighting...
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    Comic Potential

    Does anyone know any websites for soap opera sounding music? Thanks a million!! ~Meghan~