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    Robin 300 LEDwash Display problem

    A buddy of mine have a Robin300 LEDWash that have a display that won't light up. Does anyone have experience fixing those? "Battery faulty" or something like that ws the last thing they read on the display. I thought the display should work fine while plugged in and it did not use the battery...
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    GrandMa2 showfile to EOS Ti

    Yeah, the theatre looks very nice. Thanks for the pics. And for the info as well. It's quite weird/funny that you sit on info that the company I'm traveling with doesn't have (or worse, have the opposite). It might be some kind of communication problem, cause I know that the company was looking...
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    GrandMa2 showfile to EOS Ti

    Will @ I know MA2 very well but have always had a problem with the ETC way of programming and finding whatever I want. Have not used nomad but worked alot on a cobalt and before that the congo, so I know it but can't wrap my head around it. Judge @ You're correct, we're going to play at Teatro...
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    GrandMa2 showfile to EOS Ti

    @ avalentino Wow, that's very helpful! Thanks alot!
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    GrandMa2 showfile to EOS Ti

    Is it possible to take a showfile, recorded on a GrandMa2 desk , and use it on an EOS Ti desk? I asume that lots of info will end up in weird places, such as cuetimes, macros and other deskspecific data. But wouldn't at least some ASCII data get into the right place, like conventionals...
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    Lite Puter dx 610 dimmer

    Touring right now with a theatre group and i got the tour rig handed over to me with a dimmer that's acting up. Very small show, for children ages 3-10 played in classrooms/kindergardens so 6 dimmer channels are all we use. On a kind-of exsisting budget there's more space for repairs than new...
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    Control/Dimming grandma2 midi trigger isadora

    Cant get this to work for some reason. Im not used to midi at all but would like to learn. In this show i want to trigger a video in isadora from grandma2 with midi. Since i have no experience with isadora i got a guy to set it up and its `should` work perfectly. What i cant get to work is the...
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    Startube 4 flickering

    Well, all tests possibly known to man has been done and finally we got a call from a vendour telling us that on an early version of the fixture they had just these problems and its a pcb driver problem. a driver needs to be changed so now we're trying to get the replacement parts here and then...
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    Mac 2K lamp blowing fuse

    might be the lampbase, after a long use the wires underneath gets exposed and blows the fuse. so if they're old and been through alot have a little peak at it.
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    Startube 4 flickering

    thanks guys for all the tips. lots of rehearsals right now and no spares to test on, so time to spend on them will be monday morning. I'll get back with any progress.
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    Startube 4 flickering

    Although I've been on this forum as a guest over the past 3 years, this is my first post so bear with me. I've just started a new job at a theatre and they (we) are having some issues with our startube 4s. Every other minute they start to dip just a little bit and then restore to full (almost...