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    Digital Prompt Book Ideas

    I like production pro, but I feel that there could be a better solution specifically for stage managers out there. I use an app called Notability to take blocking and Stagewright to take dance notes, but it would be nice for there to be a specific app out there that allows someone to have an...
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    Show Stop Stories

    Oh I've got a good one too.Two years ago, I was SM'ing a production of Shrek. Tech for that show was a bit rough, but we got through it. About halfway through the run, our Shrek decided to "jump" off of a raked stage (AEA rake with a step) to the main deck right at the top of "Big Bright...
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    Mic Pick Ups for Shows

    How reasonable is it to ask for a perfect show each night?I am a PSM running the LX board and calling/hitting shifts and sound cues. My SE runs all the shows without an A2 and often has to field issues with either our packs or our band in the pit. Because of this, he has the occasional missed...
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    Road Managment

    Hello all! I'm hoping to pick your brains about this area. I had an opportunity recently to have a good talk with a booking agent at a booking agency near where I live. I have always loved music, and had hoped I would be able to work in the music field some day, using my skills I have...
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    What should be in a prompt book?

    I have taken to 2 binders when in the middle of a show: 1 after it closes for ease of portfolio presentation. It does keep the desk a bit cleaner and easier to manage during runs. However, when the tablet PC begins to really evolve and mature, the need for using as much paper period will be...
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    What should be in a prompt book?

    Yes, THIS. A very complete list. Thank you!
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    Prompt Book Checklist

    I agree with the above about making sure this is actually what you did for a show. I have a VERY heavy paperwork prompt book that I used for a show, and have been asked multiple times if this is what I actually used/needed instead of creating a "portfolio."
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    Theater etiquette

    I've had this happen to me, except I was the SM. We were in a panic for over a month that we would see legal papers. We never did, thank goodness.
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    Theater etiquette

    I've worked in places that actually said they reserve the right to eject you from the house if they catch you on your phone. They made good on their promise, and the issue became quite a bit less annoying. We covered our butts by putting a notice in the program, outside each set of doors to the...
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    How do you call fly system cues?

    I usually use "Standby Linset 22" or "Standby scene shift into Dining Hall." I usually do not have enough to time to detail each cue because of stacks. I almost always have a shift change sheet backstage on BOTH sides, and my ASM also always has them. These detail every change for the show...
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    CB Summerstock 2011.... Where are you going?

    Do so! I hear Tartuffe is going to be pretty good. I'm an ASM there, so shoot me a PM if you are coming and I'll meet up :)
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    Busch Gardens (VA)

    I was an SM there last summer for their new show. We were hourly also. It was a great experience, but it definitely is for someone who is looking to get into corporate theatre, for sure.
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    CB Summerstock 2011.... Where are you going?

    I'm heading to Jackson, Mi for Michigan Shakespeare Festival.
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    Resume and Cover Letter Advice?

    I know this has been stated, but I don't think you need an objective for your resume. That is what your cover letter is for. Your cover letter is basically a couple of short paragraphs expanding on your resume and/or telling them a little about yourself that you want them to know.
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    Rigging FUBAR

    I may or may not have almost fainted when I saw these...If a kid at that school had been hurt...heads would have rolled...