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    wood light + video projections

    Hi dear, thanks for your answer. By Wood light yes, I mean UV light. Sorry for the confusion, was a literal translation from Wood Lamp that's the usual term here in Italy to refer to this. About your answer, I can imagine that black light from projector is anyhow <i>some</i> light and this will...
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    wood light + video projections

    Hi all, I'm thinking around a show idea, I have no possibility to test so I'd like to know if anyone has tried something similar. Basically, I'd like to use Wood light and VideoPorojections together. I imagine a black light wash that make audience see just gloves and shoes. And videoprojection...
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    Pepper's Ghost / Projection surface ?

    Hi @afvda , What did you choose at the end? I'm in search of a pepper ghost cheap film too and wish to know which result your recent search gave you. regards michele