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    Congo Jr. cost

    Does anyone know the approximate cost of a Congo Jr. With a 2 x 20 fader wing. I know etc keeps the price from the public. I'm just looking for a ball park price. Thanks
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    Ion help please

    Thank-you so much for the help. I knew the ion could "preset" moving lights but I didn't know what the feature was called (auto mark) or where to find it. What a terrific forum. Thank-you again mike
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    Ion help please

    Wow, great suggestion thank-you steve and lwinters 360 for your help. Best Mike
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    Ion help please

    Hello, I am getting to be an older lighting guy trying to keep up with all the modern day wonders in our industry. I have some experience with the Ion. In several months I will be designing a show in a large "theater in the round" facility. The system is quite large 400 plus dimmers, 8-VL 3000s...