Currently, I am a Senior in high school who has become the do-it-all-er of our well respected drama program.
Our lighting system, which is very new (less than 2 years old), is an ECT Element 60-500. Currently, I literally know more about the console than anyone else in the district, however my knowledge is slightly limited. Because I'm the only one who knows much past how to turn on the board itself, I am the lighting designer and programmer for all of our shows.
I also have recently been given the official title of "Set Designer" where i do just that. I have a VERY basic understanding of how to use Google Sketch-Up to design the main outline of our sets. After designing, I do also spend alot of time physical building of the set pieces. I also have a very large influence on the artistic look of the scenery and enjoy painting and furnishing all our designs.

I've had the opportunity to play leads, second leads, and understudies in several of our shows. I love having a strong perspective of so many different parts of the process.

The director I work with understands my capabilities and trusts my judgement and opinions, which makes my after school activity feel like a full time job, and I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

Drama, Public Speaking, Lighting, Sound, Set Design, Painting , Art
Long Island, NY
HS Student


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