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    Custom Sliding door-The Producers

    Our high school is putting on the producers this spring. For those of you who are not familiar with the show, during "Springtime for Hitler," the set is a staircase which leads down from a set of double doors which are cut out into the shape of an eagle. we don't have an way to have the set hang...
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    Help with supporting taller walls- Structural and Design help

    (First off, I would like to say that I dont know if I'm posting this question in the right place and if there is somewhere else on the site that I should be making this post, someone please tell me and I'll gladly move it :p) I'm the set designer for my High School's shows (I'm a senior this...
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    High school plays - what shows are you doing and have you done?

    We always do a fall play and spring musical. 25th Anual Putnam County Spelling Bee & Beauty and the Beast Neil Simons Rumors & Hairspray Lend Me A Tenor & Legally Blonde This year we're doing Arsenic and Old Lace... ( not sure on the musical yet) in the past, they have done Clue, Bye...
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    Giant Peach

    Not too familiar with the stage version, (only saw the movie) but depending on your venue, you could do a few different things. The one that I see as being the easies, is making some sort of a movie almost, and somehow project the visual onto a screen of some sort for the audience (if you have...
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    ETC Element: Troubleshooting and Cyc Lights

    Just an update: The main issue WAS the lamps! they were all out! before the district came and replaced them, we only had 10 lights working out of the 35+ we have in our system.
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    ETC Element: Troubleshooting and Cyc Lights

    The LED strips are (guessing here) about 4 feet each? They are permanently set up into three rows along 3 different fly bars. The pattern alternates strip and spot, with 6 strips and 5 spots on each. However, the LEDs are not very close to the bar we will be using for the cyc and it were almost...
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    ETC Element: Troubleshooting and Cyc Lights

    We do have a good number of LEDs (15 spots and 18 strips). They light out stage very well with excellent colors. Could they be on a different universe? And could we possibly use these instead of cyc lights and get somewhat good effects? Also, would you recommend changing all of our lamps at...
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    ETC Element: Troubleshooting and Cyc Lights

    Thank you so much! When you said alternative solutions, sorry if this is a dumb question but what are scoops? We have talked about renting more fixtures, but if there's an adding that could possibly give us a more perms any solution, is this it? And I have checked all of that, and still no...
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    ETC Element: Troubleshooting and Cyc Lights

    Hey, alright so I've got 2 questions, and I'm hoping someone is able to help out! First, I'll give you some background; I'm a HS Student who is COMPLETELY in charge of our lighting system, so going to ask my teacher/director for help isn't really worth the time. We have a less than 2 -year-old...