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    TW1 repair

    Hey friends, I took over repairing a TW1 and the two fuse boards were separated without labeling. Can anyone shoot me a photo of the top board put together properly, or a wiring diagram if you have one? All my others are on the road so I dont have one on hand for reference. Thanks
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    Design Issues and Solutions Home Made Side Arm..?

    Your guy, sure. Joe Schmo at whatever state university inc ... maybe? maybe not.
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    Design Issues and Solutions Home Made Side Arm..?

    I'll be honest, I personally don't like welded ones if I don't know if I can trust the skill of the welder.
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    ac extension cords

    I'm curious about what you're hanging on the truss that fits within a single circuit load. If you're in need of multiple curcuits just prebuild a taped together snake of edison and rewire the offstage side to meet up at a consistent length.
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    Frequency Error on ETC Sensor CEM

    But did you issue persist in any way with the other CEM in your rack 1?
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    Design Issues and Solutions Home Made Side Arm..?

    Made my own the exact same way as listed above. I strongly urge you to not skimp on time and put cotter pins on each end. I had students build them in shop hours, 3 students across the assembly like, maybe 20 min per, mostly drilling the holes.
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    Automated Fixtures REVIEW: Chauvet Rogue R2 Spot

    Late add on : AVI in Cincinnati has the Rush MH2 and MH4 on hand if you're looking to try em out
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    Curtains - Temporary tie-up?

    Honestly, I would take down, fold, and store the greater than 8' wide panels
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    Wifi iOS/android DMX control, without PC

    A cue server could do that, though you program it ahead, and if youre looking for just static color options, Chauvet;s Flarecon hub and app make easy work of RGBA color picking.
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    Bounce focus tips??

    The last place I worked, we installed a permanent focus chair track with a removable chair for this exact problem. Works great, needs an adult on hand and constant/consistent safety training, but I loved it. Out biggest complaint was the max weight on person-in chair, because often the long...
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    Keys to Visiting Acts

    Nowhere I've worked gives keys to short term visitors, and its as much about the cost of lost keys as it is about having a known staff member around when anyone is in the building.
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    Electrics and Borders

    If you want it changed the best way to show them is to show them. Move your borders! If you're in a fly house thats the easiest thing in the world. If you're not sure where exactly to lower them to have someone sit in the front row and tell you to stop just when they cant' see the fixture...
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    Nightclub fire in Romania

    Article updated to 41.
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    Communication with Sound 2 during live mix performances

    If wireless in the space is good I'd use Hangouts or another message-via-internet option. OR if you have a mic line you can go in with a switch and a small power supply, and out to a cable and a small lamp of another color/type. etc as a sound only cue light maybe. Or I've used a box of...