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    Worst Case Scenario

    I would buy that T-Shirt. But, would you retreat to the booth even if you weren't supposed to be in the booth as in likr if you were a person backstage?
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    Near death experience

    I know its not a good thing to some people to share their stories but i think that it is a good thing becasue we can hear what has happened to others and prevent it from hapening to ourselves or other people.
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    Near death experience

    Well everyone im back for another year of theater work after taking the summer off. We just started the new semester last wednesday(aug 25) and i have already almost died. Yup, hanging the grand drape there were people up on the catwalk loading and it started to slip, so , the TD said when...
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    water balloon launcher...

    Why dont you try just a simple catapult. Just build a base and then get a somewhat flexible board or other material that will snap back quickly when you release it from a bent back position. RJ Rock Springs Wy.
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    Desert Dance Theatre 2004

    If anyone is passing through Rock Springs, Wyoming this week Western Wyoming Community College is presenting Desert Dance Theatre 2004, we have shows April 28,29,30 and May 1st all starting at 7pm. It is a great show of modern dance with great music and if you like dance, it is well worth...
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    What safety practices can you list....

    If you are in an a position that is higher up you must empty your pockets of everything that isnt attached. If you are letting somthing drop allways warn people first, call out "EYES AND EARS!!!"and always wait for a response. Noone is allowed underneath the loading dock while someone is...
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    Accident and Deaths...

    I too am sorry to hear this sad news. So young, so much life left to live. My condolences to their family and friends. RJ Rock Springs Wy
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    Candy Questions in Tech 9

    My awnser, None of the above. Why bolt when you can weld? RJ Rock Springs Wy.
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    Rules for the catwalk/booth

    Is it just my school or does it take forever to get them to do a work order? We have had work orders in for broken doors our leaky roof as well as getting rid of our old murcury vapor lights and install flourecent lighting in our shop. RJ Rock Springs Wy.
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    Techie sayings

    Here are a couple more that I have just found recently that I thought would be good to share. TV is Furnature, Film is Art, Theatre is Life. This on doesnt really apply to theatre becuase it promotes bad work ethics but it is humourous so here goes. If at first you dont succeceed, give...
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    New Board

    2 words Horizon System It is a great program for the computer it requires you to buy the software and the box (Its not cheap though) except it doesnt have any sliders. But you can patch things to where you can click and hit home on the keyboard and it puts all patched instruments at...
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    How to keep your gels from burning out too quickly

    In my experience I have heard my things about gels and I have found out that poking holes in them doesnt really do anything but let out white light. We tested this 2 parcans with a brand new blue gel in each. one with holes one without we ran thm as worklights so they were basically on all day...
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    Sound Boards

    Allen & Heath GL3000 Im not really a sound person but, I have worked on a few other boards and I like this one best. RJ Rock Springs Wy.
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    Vectorworks all the way I lkie it because i think it is easier to use than most other programs. Also it allows you to make lighting plots and add in instruments if you have Spotlight. RJ Rock Springs Wy.
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    Cheap Moving Lights

    Ah we at WWCC just bought 2 of them they are called Eipscans and they are very cool. Dont know the price of them just know that they are a b!#&$ to hand on the end of a sourche 4 that is on a 3 foot arm hanging out the ante pro position off the back of the lighting beam. RJ Rock...