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    Hanging sandbags up in air or shotbags

    My theatre was just converted from a hemp system We had easily 50x 100-200lb bags in the air at all times. We still use sandbags all the time to balance electrics or truss. I've never heard of hanging sandbags being illegal. I would agree with @bobgaggle about the type of bag to hang.
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    Sudden dimming trouble

    If you are still having issues with this, Knight Sound and Lighting based in Ohio are a great resource for help with Colortran systems as well. They also have replacement dimmer modules for sale and will often rebate them if you send them your bad ones. They helped me through two 4-rack...
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    Belt Lighting Wiring Question

    Use a Wago and you'll be even happier. Terminal blocks are too much trouble with their tiny screws.
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    Control/Dimming Help w/ Spec'ing Power for New Dimmer Installation

    Portable counts when once a year I'm going to roll it to the other side of the building and use it there... There will be a 400A service box with cam-lok tie-ins and a company switch.
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    Control/Dimming Help w/ Spec'ing Power for New Dimmer Installation

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. I was forgetting to factor in the phases. We'll be 3-phase power so 400A service would cover our butts should we somehow manage to get every dimmer fully loaded. Thank you!
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    Control/Dimming Help w/ Spec'ing Power for New Dimmer Installation

    Hello Collective, I am speccing some dimmers for a small performance space currently being built. I'm looking at getting a used Sensor+ touring rack with 24 D20 modules. Where I am getting tripped up is that I am being asked to give a general idea of how much power will be needed for the rack...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Lightwright 6 Question

    Dumb question: is it possible to delete the thick, thin, or dotted vertical lines in paperwork layout? If so, HOW?
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    Hazebase basehaser pro vs. Look Solution Unique 2 v Antari Z350

    The Unique and Tour Haze look like they have the same components in different orientations, the LCD menu/DMX port structure and layout is identical. I can't find anything that suggests the Hazebase is related to the two other than being made in Germany though.
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    Hazebase basehaser pro vs. Look Solution Unique 2 v Antari Z350

    I just played this game but it was for my 99-seat studio theatre so take my recommendation with a grain of salt. I looked at the Unique 2.1, Hazebase Base Hazer and the Chauvet Amhaze Whisper. The Whisper looked like someone was smoking in the wings. The hazebase was too loud (for a studio, I...
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    Intelligent lights randomly shut off.

    I am going to say that its unlikely to be interference with your ShowBabies. In my 680-seat house I have ShowBabies, Blizzard W-DMX, RC4, Company WiFi, Sound WiFi, Tech WiFi, Listening Assistance, 20-30 wireless microphones, 600-800 cellphones, and probably another couple hundred smart devices...
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    Clear Plexi Options/ Stained Glass Windows

    If it doesnt need to be transparant, I have had *great* success with painted muslin back lit with a fixture or light boxed with white led tape behind. Ive used this method with several small (10"x28") stained glass windows in Doubt up to a 30' diameter Notre Dame window for Hunchback.
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    Studio Space Hazer Recommendation

    Yeah, we have one around our mainstage DF-50 and you can still hear it in the house when it kicks on. I've done some more budget digging and can come up with almost $2000 now. My top recommendations have been Look Solutions Unique 2, Chauvet Amhaze Whisper, and the hazebase Base Hazer. Can...
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    Studio Space Hazer Recommendation

    Hello Collective, I am looking for a quiet, small/medium-sized hazer for my studio space. Budget-wise I have up to $1000 to spend. Our room is roughly 50' x 30' with a 12' ceiling. I am most interested in people's personal experience with smaller hazers because the sound is my biggest concern...
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    Lighting arrangement

    A few follow up questions: What are the rough dimensions of your stage area? How many circuits do you have available? How many ellipsoidals are on that catwalk? Any other lighting fixtures to work with? Are you mostly lighting assemblies or school plays/events?
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    Remote Control of Phone Flashlights?

    I have used StageCaller with lots of success in ringing/vibrating phones; I wonder if Tasker/IFTTT could work in tandem with StageCaller to create a more reliable solution?