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    Strand SN100 Node Rental

    Thanks All. I talked to Noland at VLS about Strand nodes for another job I'm working on. He said they don't have any. Basically I'll be using the house's two 2-port nodes and DMX splitters. I don't want to get into using the buildings hard-wired cat5 for DMX. Its a building where the...
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    Strand SN100 Node Rental

    Hi All, Does anyone know of any rental houses (Anywhere in the US) that can rent 2 port STrand SN100 nodes? I'll be working on designing a show in a building that has ethernet at every lighting positiong but only 2 nodes in the whole building. I just want to know if I can go the route of...
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    What is it? #033 : Ground Clamp

    Looks like a genny ground clamp. If you're using a genny along with the house's electrical system, you should ground the genny with a ground rod and connect to the buidling's ground as well (to put both on the same ground plane). That could connect the genny's ground to building ground.
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    Good use of frost.

    I always use R312 in front light systems comprised of elipsoidals. Focus sharp-to-the-shutter to "get the most light" out of your fixutre. Drop R132 on the lens side of the gel to create an even wash. This works well in Source 4's or any leko. I don't use it in side light systems on a...