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    Hey ETC, Don't kick us when we are down

    20? That's all? Isn't there a dollars to points conversion on this game?!
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    Hey ETC, Don't kick us when we are down

    Umm, ouch. 10 points if it sticks in the wall?
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    Where are the S4 fire sales?

    Second this. I've purchased a bunch of gear from 4Wall for various theaters over the years and have never had any complaints about what I get from them.
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    What is it about this design...

    There is a radiator cover sitting in the back stairwell of my building with this design on it. We have sheets of the "courtroom" pattern in our light shop at school. And don't forget the big hole/tiny hole design! Classic.
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    Roof Collapse - Hampton, VA

    The summer stock I worked at for years is located on the shores of Green Bay in Door County, WI. The new theater was built in 2005-2006 with a full basement. They had to blast limestone to dig for it so they could have an orch. pit. The theater is also at the base of the Niagara escarpment...
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    Labor Shortage

    So true with many things. Basic maintenance on anything is rarely taught. Either you send it out to be fixed, or you buy new. There is very little, "Hey, let's crack it open and see if we can fix it ourselves" these days. Or at least it feels that way. We're still operating with Altmans...
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    Labor Shortage

    Agreed. My program focused on developing a portfolio so you could get into grad school. Grad school and New York were really the only things that were pushed on any of us, design/tech and performance. Not once did I hear that Chicago was an option for theater in college despite it being just...
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    Roof Collapse - Hampton, VA

    We had a water valve break open in the mechanical room behind the booth in one of our spaces last month. If not for a student walking past the lobby and reporting seeing it raining inside to a separate department who came and found me, the only theater staff member in the building at the time...
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    I've sadly been less proud recently to say I'm from Wisconsin.
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    Production Advantage Joins Forces With VLS

    PA was a great company. I'm happy to have given them what business I did over the years. I'll also miss getting the maple syrup candies in the orders. :)
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    I will check this out. Thanks!
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    Best Soldering Vice/extra hand

    I have an earlier version of this helping hands. It's great. My only complaint is that it is lightweight and can tip over easily, but a piece of gaff on each side of the base fixes that perfectly. We also have the hexapus at work for more complicated projects.
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    I'm looking for an app that allows a to do list to be shared across devices, and is also free or a minimal one time buy. During normal times, our lighting shop has my supervisor and myself and usually anywhere from 3 to 8 people (students) working on projects around our building. We usually...
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    Your first Memory Lighting Console

    First console I ever used was ETC's Microvision FX (without a reliably functioning FX section). If I recall correctly, it had a 3 digit serial number and had a 1992 or 1993 date on it. I first used it in 2004 and got the high school to replace it with an Express 24/48 a few months before I...
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    Sandusky State Theater Heavily Damaged in 6/10 Storms

    I was also going to say the metal piece the arrow points to looks like a piece of a plaster ceiling. I doubt it was the fire curtain. In the second image @JohnD posted, it looks like the fire curtain (or something) is still attached to the back of the pro arch.