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    M7 MIDI Program Change vs. Other Protocols

    Switch the M7CL Program Change setting to "Bank". I don't know QLab but I'm sure it can handle Bank PC messages. Using Bank mode gives you 127 * 127 program change messages.
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    Behringer X-LIVE is coming

    What you mean to say is you can format a FAT32 drive up to a 2TB partition under Windows, just not with the built-in system tools. So what? Macs can format them, free windows tools are available, and the X32 may even have a built-in formatting function. Non-issue. That same size limit exists...
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    Behringer X-LIVE is coming

    I have yet to experience any of those problems that I couldn’t overcome, but then I’m better than most with computer stuff...
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    Behringer X-LIVE is coming

    Ha! It seems that many people don't understand the SD card types. The only difference between an SDHC and SDXC is the file system format. (XC is formatted to exFAT) Re-Format your SDXC card (any size) to FAT32 and it will work just fine. I have plenty of 128gb micro-SD"XD" cards that are...
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    Post Fader on M32

    Changing bus setup resets all sends on that bus to 0. Might be the issue.
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    Battery issues

    You'll see from those posts that once you understand how to use rechargables, they are even more reliable than alkalines. I've had DOA brand new alkalines and ones that didn't last. Has never happened with rechargables that I've tested and maintained. They also generally last longer per use than...
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    Battery issues

    Why are you wasting your money on alkalines?
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    Ye Olde Rechargeable Battery Conundrum

    There's no question whatsoever that good rechargeables (and chargers) will be cheaper in the long run. The Imedions I'm using now I have had running for almost 8 years and still have not lost 10% of their capacity and are used for over 200 shows per year. 8 Procells/show x 200 shows x 8 years...
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    Simple Inexpensive Dante Interface?

    I hope you're not lifting the AC ground on the wireless, but just using Pin-1 lifts on the signal. You should never lift AC ground on a grounded device. If you're using Pin-1 lifts, this is standard practice to eliminate ground loops and is not something to worry about.
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    Ye Olde Rechargeable Battery Conundrum

    I've heard this as well, but never experienced it. All my cells are ~2500mAh and have dropped several with no ill effects. Might depend on the manufacturer. Have you personally witnessed this issue? If so, with what brand of batteries? I use PowerEx and Eneloop. Again, might depend on the...
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    Ye Olde Rechargeable Battery Conundrum

    I've used the Maha/PowerEx Imedions for many years now, and even after having the batteries sitting unused for 6 months or more, they still have a decent charge in them when I pull them out. The charger is a critical part of the equation, and for longest lifespan of the battery, they need to be...
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    Communications between FOH and Backstage

    Zello doesn't do full duplex on iOS, unfortunately. AFAIK, there are only 2 iOS/Android intercom systems that do full duplex. LineApp and Unity I use LineApp the most because I don't want to have to set up a server. I'm sure Unity is a more robust solution though.
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    LS9 Effects Send Issue

    When routing the Effect output back into channels, you are able to hear the effect when cueing those channels? Are the channel faders down and are mixes 1&2 set to POST-FADER on those channels?
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    Digital Console with Scene Fading or Crossfading

    Yamaha 01V96/02R96 as well. 01V96i is under US$3000.00
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    Tracking gain level through multiple scenes on Yamaha QL5

    You've got something wrong with your recall safe settings, as you've discovered. Why not attach the file (or PM me if you don't want to) and I'll be happy to look at your file and tell you what's wrong.