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    No Clue What I'm Doing

    Hello everyone! I was hoping that I would stumble upon some sort of forum that might be able to help me as I try and learn the field of lighting. I got the job of figuring out our new system because I am the only techie type person involved with anything that might need to be lit up. We just...
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    Hi There

    Hello. My name is Jen. I'm a K-6 Computer Teacher who now has to figure out lighting. I prefer being in the pit at the piano, but this is a new challenge. I know nothing about this and am a little overwhelmed. We recently got a Rendition 48/96 and it's my job to figure out how to use it...
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    Lehigh Light Boards

    We just got our Rendition 48/96 and it is a major upgrade from what we had, at least we think so far. We could only turn the lights on and off with our last board, that's how old and decrepit it was. Do you have any hints about using this board? The guy who came to train us knew nothing and...