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    Anyone know the real name for "horse <rooster>" or "donkey <Richard>"?

    Finally talked to the venue and they are in fact literally dropping 60A 3phase, 5 wire bare copper ends for me to attach to my distro... pretty sure I've seen it all now.
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    Anyone know the real name for "horse <rooster>" or "donkey <Richard>"?

    Maybe you missed the part that says "3P4W 50A 125/250VAC "Cal Style" Female Locking Receptacle" 3P4W means 3 phase 4 wire. some of the other ones have a metal collar around the outside that acts as the ground connection. Also, "two hots" equals 2 phases, those two phases may be working together...
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    Anyone know the real name for "horse <rooster>" or "donkey <Richard>"?

    You mis-understand the situation. Grand Central Terminal is supplying power in the form of "bare ends" dropped near the setup location. If they are dropping actual bare ends on the ground outside where people could touch them that is _unsafe_. They should be dropping a connector of some sort as...
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    Anyone know the real name for "horse <rooster>" or "donkey <Richard>"?

    I found the connector I was referring to, it is a California style non-NEMA connector CS6364C & CS6365C: Most of the time I see them with a set of cams on the other end going into a small motor distro in convention centers and hotels. I am supplying power for a product demo at Grand Central...
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    Anyone know the real name for "horse <rooster>" or "donkey <Richard>"?

    I would rather not use either of those names around clients that don't really know anything about power since they are not the most pleasant of names. Unfortunately those are the only names I know them by. For those that haven't heard those names before they are used for a large cable with...
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    ETCNet2 is just an ETC protocol and only works on ETC products (they are now using ETCNet3 with the EOS). Here is an ACN related link, It doesn't have much yet but should grow over time: If you are working on a Mac based app I...
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    LDI Report

    You didn't mention what I thought was one of the coolest things there; InfoTrace. InfoTrace is Wybron's latest creation and eliminates the need to plug each scroller or CXI in on the ground to address it. All you have to do is plug them all in, plug in your laptop and do it all from there. It...
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    Vectorworks, Lightwright, ,and cabling???

    You do know that you can just put the cableing on its own layer, that way you can turn it off and on as needed. As for figuring out cable runs unless you have a super precise 3-d drafting of the venue and want to spend forever laying out the runs on the plot picking the exact route you want...
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    Which cable for RFU

    I just happen to have an extension in front of me. Of course I can't read the actual number off it but I can read the rest of it: ProPlex <some number I can't read> 22 ga 3 pair Low-Cap Shielded control cable OL2 At least that's what it looks like.
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    You say you don't have a lot of design theory knowledge. This will help with that: Designing With Light by J. Michael Gillette ISBN1-55934-527-6 I have the 3rd edition and it is less that 250 pages but covers all the basics (it was a required book at NC School of the Arts when I was there).
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    DMX Control form a laptop?

    I realize that this a bit of an old post however I feel compelled to reply as I have just seen it and a Mac user. There is currently no viable option for controlling a real show from a Mac. There is still hope however. There is a USB DMX device that was designed on the Mac it is an open source...
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    Moving Lights/DMX info

    check out
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    schools for lighting

    If you want a 4 year degree (BFA in this case) and you want to get lighting theory and get to assist and design on shows then you should check out North Carolina School of the Arts You spend your first year getting to know all the areas of...
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    Dimmer Problems

    One of the packs may be corrupting the DMX signal (unlikely but possible). disconnect all the packs (including the ones that work now) from DMX. Plug one pack at a time into the board and see if you have control. If none of them work ringht then you proably have a board problem or the packs all...
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    Pyro Laws

    Just wondering what some of the various Pyro laws are around the US and the rest of the world. In North Carolina each county just wants you to supply them with some info so they know you have some knowledge and then they add you to a list of people that can fire pyro in that county. You can...