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    Flown Subs

    How do you feel it affects the performance of the subwoofers and what do you think is happening? Folks such as Pat Brown ( and Dave Gunness...
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    Building/buying rack faceplates for punch outs

    Where as I go with front mount only as I believe it provides a stronger and more durable installation due to insertion pressure being born over a larger area while you can use washers on the back side to also allow extertion forces to bear over a larger area.
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    Line Array Puzzle

    To add to Mike's points, the a CF101LA box weighs 47.5 lbs. while a companion CF15S subwoofer weighs 114 lbs., almost 2-1/2 times as much as the full range box. The CF15S is also quite a bit physically larger. Thus in terms of rigging it is generally easier and more stable to have any subs...
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    Church Video Mixing Upgrade

    Good information in that reference, but my point was that the source device cannot ignore when the content calls for HDCP encryption and protected HD content cannot be delivered to a non-HDCP device. Thus turning HDCP off at the receiver will prevent the transmitter from enabling HDCP but that...
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    Church Video Mixing Upgrade

    I'm not clear what you mean by "unencrypt". What I think is happening is that seeing a non-HDCP device the source device does not enable HDCP, thus it does not prevent outputting unencrypted content. However, turning off HDCP at the switcher input should prevent AACS encrypted HD content being...
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    Backstage Monitor Mic

    Many powered speaker do have mic level inputs so before you go running out to purchase anything can you provide us the specific model for the powered speaker? Also, have you tried the ALS system since you inserted the splitter and is it still working the same or was that level also affected...
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    Raising Community Support/Interest/Funds

    Are you the venue owner or a user? Are you a government agency, a private non-profit, a for profit or what? What does your group do? Who do you see as your target market(s) and who is your competition for those? What type of events or activities can the venue support? How large is the venue...
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    Problems with Aux feeds on Mackie SR24-4

    Glad you got it figured out! FWIW, the sender/sniffer combos offered by Rat Sound (Rat Sound Sales - Audix OM7, SoundTools, Microwedge: Audio Test Equipment) are one good option for testing cables that are already in place.
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    Self mixing console?

    Whether it a gating mixer with a fixed or adaptive threshold or a gain sharing mixer, to me "self mixing" goes well beyond what an automixer does. For example, when two leads get close an automixer might adjust some levels but I don't believe they will turn one mic down and leave the other up...
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    Installs Amplifier Setup!

    Your current RMX2450 amplifier has three operating modes; stereo, parallel and bridge mono. Stereo mode is typical operation with two independent inputs and outputs. Parallel mode simply parallels the two inputs so that you can run the same signal to both channels without needing to use a 'Y'...
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    Control Booth Options?

    While it may work great for simpler events, I'm not sure how practical mixing from an iPad is for some theatrical applications. And if you are mixing wirelessly in the audience then how do you address production communications, cue/solo audio, initiating playback of sources, monitoring wireless...
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    Control Booth Options?

    As noted, one common consideration is infrastructure and cable paths. Once you figure out how the new booth location would physically integrate with the existing tech systems and the equipment that would be located there you then need to figure out how to address all the associated cabling and...
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    Audio snake, with connector boxes at BOTH ends?

    The S16 is really intended primarily for use with the X32 mixers, but as a standalone digital snake to analog at both ends then yes, you'd need one S16 unit at the stage and a second S16 unit at the mixer. And if you wanted to have analog outputs to the mixer for more than 8 channels from the...
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    Installs Amplifier Setup!

    It's not clear why you are considering replacing the existing amplifier but I can think of few situations where you would be replacing an amplifier and the power rating of the replacement would not be an important factor. If the replacement amp(s) either won't allow the system to get loud...
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    Problems with Aux feeds on Mackie SR24-4

    I've been involved in audio for over 30 years and it's still sometimes the basic but easy to overlook things that bite me. For example, now that I think about it the TRS outputs on your mixer probably are balanced in that the internal resistor between ring and sleeve is likely there to make...