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    Electricity inside set pieces

    I have used the lithium-battery "portable AC outlet" such as as well. /mike
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    Supply Chain reality

    It's already here. I am getting quotes of 40-50 week lead times on processors, and those parts I can find have jumped in price. On my latest project at work, the TI motor driver I designed in at $2.25 is now $13.50, and I had to order 6000 of them. So much for any profit margins on my...
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    What is that for?

    I remember working a piano board where the grand master was a broomstick. Lay it across all the handles and pull down... /mike
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    DMX Start Code - a cautionary tale for casual DMX users

    The official list of start codes can be found at
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    Design Issues and Solutions DMX- tell me why this is wrong.

    And then there's one site where I run two mic lines over a 5-pin DMX run... /mike
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    Strand 300 Help (Repair)

    There's also a lot of corrosion around the pins of U55. I would remove and replace that chip; until you do that, there's no way to know the damage underneath it. A previous photo showed it to be a 74ACT14 hex schmitt inverter. One big problem is that if you don't get all the corrosion off, it...
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    220V needed from 110V supply

    If your house is wired the way things are in the US, there is a 240V center-tapped transformer out on the pole. The center tap is the neutral, so you have 240V between the hots and 120V from either hot to neutral. 120V circuits are wired from hot to neutral with a single-pole breaker in the...
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    So... who still has a job?

    I am working on my time machine. I should have it finished by yesterday. /mike
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    Color code

    Unfortunately, too many of them are not PC anymore (Bad boys, Black boys, Batman blows, etc.) This is the cleaner one I was taught (I learned Bad boys back in 3rd grade from the school custodian...) Bad booze rots our young guts but vodka goes well. /mike
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    Some electrical laughs

    And today I found a 3-gang switchbox with 4 circuits from 3 different panels... Legal, but fun to lock them all out.
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    Some electrical laughs

    I moved a ceiling tile at Temple only to have a coil of romex jump out at me. As I jumped off the ladder, the bare ends of the romex took a big chunk out of one of the ladder steps... Apparently someone had removed it from a troffer; it still had the romex clamp on the end, with the stripped...
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    Dimmer Electricity "bleed"

    Actually, the voltage drop may be a few volts, depending on current and length. 15A over 100 feet of #12 would show a 2.4v difference. The distance is the length of wire from the service panel or transformer to the dimmer. /mike
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    Vintage Lighting Self Sustaining Carbon Arc

    I am thinking that cylinder is a dashpot as well for dampening the mechanism
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    Is it Okay for Switched-Mode Power Supplies to Make Noise?

    It can also be ceramic or some poly capacitors; they can act as piezo tweeters... We had to goop the ones in the Proflex dimmers to keep them quiet. Real fun when you have multiple power supplies making noise and you are hearing the beat frequency wander around. /mike
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    Synchronized Clocks

    Right now, WWV and WWVH are on the chopping block for next year's NIST budget, so I would stay away from any of the "atomic" clocks. NTP is a safer route. /mike