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    College Question regarding college and life

    Hi folks! I'm turning to strangers on the internet for guidance because why not? So currently I'm enrolled in a B.A. program for Design and Technology with a concentration in Lighting. I also have two professional jobs currently working as an electrician/ stagehand for both. My question is, I...
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    Need help finding the right school

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I haven't had a chance to read through them all yet (We just opened our first show of the year tonight). But thanks for all of your responses!
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    Need help finding the right school

    Also non-college options would be cool too. I suck at school.
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    Need help finding the right school

    I've been working in theater since high school and chose to attend a school for Theatre Technology and Design. The only issue is, most schools focus more on the design part, and only touch the technology part. Right now, I have no desire to design. I really enjoy entertainment electrician work...