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    Sweeney Todd Breakable Birdcage

    Haven't come across one in my searches (except when included with the entire show), but I'm not sure we could afford one anyway, even if I found one. Thanks anyway!
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    Drowsy Chaperone Airplane

    Perhaps you could have the back of the apartment set fly out and have the plane pre-set behind it, either on the ground or built to look like it is a bit suspended.. like on the front of a platform or somesuch, perhaps with stairs (black) going up to the plane's seat... and just roll it forward...
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    Sweeney Todd Breakable Birdcage

    Hello everyone, I'm the props girl for a production of Sweeney Todd and I'm curious if anyone had any suggestions on how to build the bird cage that Anthony smashes? Do you think I have to build one for him to smash every night of the show, or has anyone come up with a good idea for one that...