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    Gel Organization

    at my school we organize them by color
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    Awsome 3d lighting program

    ok so this program is that only for moving lights or can it be for reg. lights as well ?
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    Good place to buy Lighting stuff

    always check on ebay
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    Flame Forks

    sounds fun got any pics?
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    Time To Get the Board Serviced

    if it doesnt fit force it if it breaks it needed to be fixed anyways
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    the techie bible

    now the real question is where can i pick one up at?
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    Tent gig... lights and sound pics.

    so wat kinda of lights are you useing
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    lighting on a computer

    ok see the thing is im only doin this right now to earn some money and further my self with lights i will not be getting any moving fixtures because the are to costly right now and i only have one full year before i move to colleage so it is not a big deal as well as i only have so much that i...
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    lighting on a computer

    o believe me i know we have 3 of them at my school aud ahahah
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    Stunt Padding

    i know how that is when you email some company and they dont even respond it pisses me off so much grr
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    well hello and im gald to hear you like lighting cuz im in to lightin as well
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    Poor Miniscan...

    yea i hate have to say stuff like o i broke the mirroir and you have like 2 days left cuz then you just wan like leave lol
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    need help

    thanks i will look in to that
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    need help

    hey all techies out there i need some help looking for a script of a play called clue it is based off of the board game by parker bro.s and it has to be a play script not the movie script and perferably not the musical script but if that is all you can find that would be fine cuz i have been...
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    Gobos & Fog - Quick Question...

    well it might be the color that you are useing or maybe the fog is to thick or that useing the gobos spreads the light out to much