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    Los Angeles Tech

    N-N-Necropost! I had forgot i made this and didn't realize what this dissolved into. And i'm currently doing a little bit of costume work, not lots, but i'm getting a feel for it. Make-up will be another time.
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    Extra deep sockets/hollow extension

    have you tried putting the thread rod in the drill,spinning the rod instead of the nut?
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    California plug?

    standard wall outlets in your house are 120v +/- 10v That is the allowed difference in the U.S.
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    California plug?

    i beg to differ, in the united states power is the same, if you go to europe however, there is a reason you need different connectors and special adaptors.
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    Los Angeles Tech

    Hey guys, New to CB but not to Theater, I've been doing tech work for... oh 4-5 years about. Worked a professional gig or two, and am currently a senior in N.E. Los Angeles. Been doing TD work for my school for 3 years. Our theater program was actualy shut down for a year so during that time i...
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    High School TD's

    I am the TD at my school, i'm 18 and still a student. I'm 5th gen of student TD's we train our replacement for like 2 years before we leave. my option is not on the poll.