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    Flat Rigging Question

    The grid is at 47' with batten high trim at 44'. The proscenium opening height is 24'. I very much appreciate your time, WR, and I'll patiently await your reply! Thanks!
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    Flat Rigging Question

    That was my fault. Before I'd realized I'd screwed it up, Ron had already quoted me. Sorry about that.
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    Flat Rigging Question

    That's all fair, and like I said, I realize this is a touchy subject. I've done my best to try to stay within the ToS but if I've overstepped, please do remove the thread and accept my apologies. I'd point out that both of my solutions seem reasonable and, minimally, exhibit some general...
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    Flat Rigging Question

    I know that rigging is a bit of a touchy subject but, for whatever it's worth, I'm not operating outside of my comfort zone. In any case, the high school that I work with has elected to stage a musical this year. Due to the current circumstances, we've chosen a musical with a much smaller cast...
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    Geometry: Ramp both "long" and "steep"?

    Ugh there really is nowhere to go to get away from politics is there? And I used to quite enjoy politics, especially a decent debate. But there is no longer any reprieve. Pick a topic, it’s somehow political.I can’t help but feel we’re in for a fairly major societal course correction.
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    Crew and the new normal

    I’ll go ahead and weigh in on this as someone who deals with this every day...with the caveat that I’m not a medical professional.My day job is in healthcare security. Our current daily procedures involve a screening for every member of staff when they enter the building (questions about...
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    Dry Water Fountain

    I may as well chime in way too late here as well. I’ve always found localized sound effects to be a great way at really selling a visual effect. Flowing water makes noise. Throw a little powered speaker into the fountain (battery + wireless receiver if on a wagon) and the effect becomes far...
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    Source Four Leko for Filmmaking - lamp burned out immediately

    Like you, I’m not an electrician but here’s what I can tell you. I agree with your assessment of the likely cause here. To expand on what FMEng said, the dimmer you have is a phase control dimmer. Basically, it switches the power on and off very quickly to “dim” the light. These are known to...
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    Microphone sterilization

    My recommendation would be to simply unscrew the metal windscreen, soak it with isopropyl alcohol for a moment and set it aside to dry. It isn’t “sterilized,” technically, but definitely should do the trick. Wipe the body of the mic down with the same stuff and you’re done. I would suggest the...
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    Safety line across proscenium

    I couldn’t agree more. DGotlieb, I would say your only other alternative would be a temporary roof edge protection system. Whatever you choose, get something professionally engineered specifically for fall protection. Your home brew options, while economical and well intended, will do little to...
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    Safety line across proscenium

    I’ve read through the thread and am still unsure about what lies downstage of the plasterline. Is it a stage edge? Orchestra pit? I ask because there are some very good permanent options for orchestra pits.
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    Show Stop Stories

    This isn’t a true show-stop since it occurred during a final dress rehearsal...but it’s a good story anyway. It was actually the very first musical I ever worked on, waaay back in high school. We were performing Little Shop of Horrors and the actor playing Orin (the dentist) was to make his...
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    Light fixture safety cables

    In short: no. No no no no. I have never seen a safety cable rated for overhead lifting. Many do have a published safe working load (WLL) but they virtually all come with disclaimers stating they are only to be used for their intended purpose. For example from ETC:
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    Ovation 910-fc problem

    First, thanks again everyone for your help. Turns out that yes, indeed, it was RDM...which I never would have even thought about. Once I killed RDM on the console and node (actually, I killed it on all the nodes outputting the associated universe because the installer can’t label things), there...
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    Ovation 910-fc problem

    I’m involved in a local production of the Addams Family and Control Booth has been an incredible resource. I’ve had multiple questions answered and I thank you all. Opening night is tomorrow and I have a final problem I’m hoping you all can help me with. I have a row of 5 Ovation E 910-FCs I’m...