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    Why Does Rigging School Cost So Much?

    Hi. I live close to Las Vegas and was interested in working for concerts until I went to the venues hiring websites. Most of them want someone with rigging certification. Why is rigging courses and certification sooo expensive? Are there any organizations that covers the cost of these...
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    Scrollers For Par Cans

    They have a Chauvet chase controller (all of the 38's are hooked up to one channel). The party lights are on different channels. I bring in my own equipment (Dimmers) and a Chauvet Obey 10 to control them. I am looking to upgrade the control aspect. Has anyone tried my DMX? What is your thoughts...
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    Scrollers For Par Cans

    Hi. I am a LD for a Band that is playing a small club, that has par 38's. I would like to add to the show. Is there attachments to scrollers to fit Par 38's. Would scrollers fit a 6 inch Fresnel?
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    USB To DMX Adapter

    I am trying to run Eliminator dimmer packs. to be used for par cans.
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    USB To DMX Adapter

    Hi. I can't seem to get my lights to work. I tried to use a KMTronic USB to Dmx adapter. One side connects to DMX and one side connects to a Ethernet cable. I can't seem to get it to work. I downloaded Show Xpress. It read no universe found when I connected it to a dimmer (with dip switches). I...
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    E Gel vs. Cinegel

    What is the difference between Rosco Cinegel and E-color line?