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  1. <span class="vw-inline-prefix label label--primary">Collaborative Articles</span><span class="label-append">&nbsp;</span>DIY Gobos

    While the results will not be quite as good as a stock or custom gobo manufactured by Gam, Rosco, Apollo, Lee, or Goboman, homemade gobos can be satisfactory when time or budget does not allow the purchase of manufactured units....
  2. Ion

    The ION is a console manufactured by ETC. It has 2 universe&amp;#039;s of DMX, ETCnet2, net3, Artnet, outputs. Controls up to:
  3. EOS

    The EOS is a console manufactured by ETC for large venues with multiple moving lights and hundreds of conventional fixtures via: ETCnet2, Net3 &amp;amp; Artnet.
  4. Alternating Current

    An Alternating Current (AC) is an electric current that periodically reverses direction. The frequency of this reversal is measured in ...
  5. AC Current

    Short for Alternating Current see
  6. Blind

    A function of most lighting consoles that allows the designer to edit or create a cue without chainging the current state of the rig.
  7. Park

    A feature on many lighting consoles that holds a channel&amp;#039;s level even if the cue changes. The channel&amp;#039;s level can only be changed by directly addressing the channel through the command line and/or by going to the &amp;quot;Park&amp;qu...
  8. Remainder Dim

    SeeRem Dim