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    Can I ask a casting question?

    I am a student director in an educational setting, casting a show tomorrow. In this educational setting we are required to have multiple actor choices for each character because of varying reasons (this actor has been in five shows already, give someone else a shot, etc) There's a character in...
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    Alternatives to a Fly System

    I have read some rigging discussions on this board, I definitely get the safety and some of those threads got really intense. I wouldn't mind the last idea, but the (spoiler) for the production is that aliens are not actually the cause of the abductions, so unfortunately I can't do that. But...
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    Alternatives to a Fly System

    Hello, Thank you for welcoming me to Control Booth. I'm a young director trying to make a name for myself here in Chicago and so I'm finding new ways to connect with theatre people technical and all! I'm directing a new musical a friend of mine wrote, and in it, characters have to be abducted...