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    Is using MTPIT Legal?

    Well the title says it all really, but if you want details... My stage doesn't have an orchestra pit and so each time we do a musical we have to find some place to put the orchestra. We usually end up taking out a few seats just in front of the stage and cramming in a 5 piece band. This...
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    Fire testing theatre curtains when and how?

    So I was just wondering how often you are supposed to check your curtains to see if they need to be "re-proofed". I know there is that little piece of test fabric at the top of each curtain which is meant to be removed and sent in for testing or something like that. But I was wondering if...
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    Where do you find vintage looking props?

    Do they do "official" receipts at those auctions? I work at a college and they won't reimburse me without one, its why can't just go to flea markets. They also, for some reason, won't let me do ebay either. anyways, thanks for the help.
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    Where do you find vintage looking props?

    I may take you up on that offer. We won't have our first production meeting till September, I 'm just trying to get ahead of the game. thanks
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    Where do you find vintage looking props?

    So the title pretty much says it all. I always have trouble when it comes to vintage props. I try local antique places, internet sites, even make a few (I made a lute once and a blood transfusion device that really looked like it pumped blood), but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions...