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    Fire Curtain Question

    ANSI E1.22
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    Cat5 Extension

    Something to keep in mind, max length for cat 5e is 328 feet. If the cable is longer you may need to add a switch.
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    Twas the Night Before Christmas - CB Edition

    Merry Christmas!!
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    Console Recommendation for High School + Theatre Academy?

    I'm assuming that you are with a public high school and understand the issues with purchasing issues by government entities. In my state I know you have to request 3 quotes for anything over $10,000 and under $30,000, and go out to bid for over $30,000 (the amounts might be higher now if...
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    EtherCON, Cat5, and Cat6 issues

    In addition to what others have said, max length for cat 5/6 is 328 feet, I usually use 300 feet to allow for the distance between the termination and what is connected. If you need to go longer than that the you would need to either put in a network switch to extend the distance or use fiber...
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    Changing booth

    I am affiliated with a H.S. The ones we have are in our drama room and are 4'x4' and are a simple 2x4 boxed walls covered with luan and act as dividers for each space. There is also a 1x3 towards the top of each wall that a curtain rod (about 1' dowel) goes in between at the front for a...
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    Overtemp reset for dimmer

    Computer/Electronic equipment does not like heat. You may want to consider finding a way to cool down the closet. I managed a server room at one point and we kept the room at 68 degrees. The room may have been 68 but the racks were a lot hotter from all the heat the equipment makes. It will...
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    A 40 foot USB run, Cat 6 and Euroblock to USB adapters?

    Max length for USB 2.0 is 5 meters (16' 5") before starts to degrade. USB 3.0 is even less. So you would need an extender or repeater to get the length you want. The cable that JimmyM posted has a repeater on one end which is probably why that cable will work. Extenders tend to use cat 5 or 6...
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    A 40 foot USB run, Cat 6 and Euroblock to USB adapters?

    I would say that your cable is too long. You could try a USB extender.
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    Lighting Rental In New England

    There is Limelight Productions in Lee MA (Berkshires).
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    HS Fixture Inventory

    At the HS (combination middle & high, grades 7 thru 12) I volunteer at we have22 ETC S4 with 3 10 degree lenses for follow spots, 18 26 degree lenses & 4 36 degeree lenses 18 Altman Shakespeare S6 with 15 - 35 degree lenses (also have 2 5 degree, 3 40 degree & 3 50 degree lenses) 6 Altman...
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    New lighting board / console / desk suggestions?

    I am a parent volunteer at a high school and we have the Element which was easy enough to pick up on. The school does not have theatre instructors and in the past the musicals were run by a choral teacher and an English teacher runs the drama productions. When I first started I picked up on...
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    Help me out - control rooms

    @BillConnerFASTC This reply is probably too late but figure I'd post it anyway. I'm a volunteer parent at my daughter's HS and new to the forum. The auditorium there has a closed booth that has a good size sliding window that is also removable that opens it up a little during performances...