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    Laptop sound noise

    Newbie here but I have two old laptops, Asus brand. One power supply makes the terrible noise and one does not. In the same set up, other peoples' laptop supplies have made the terrible noise as well. Has anyone thought of checking the house power? Two cents or less Novo63 great posts...
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    Greetings from Magee, MS

    Not sure who installed it. I am pretty sure no one has worked on it in the last 4 years I have been here. I never really have the time to troubleshoot it when I want to and then I run out of want to when I have other things that need to be done. But I really hate it when things don't work...
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    Help with Decor lighting system

    Ok, I work at a school where I teach things other than Drama or Tech. I am, for my sins, the only "tech" person around...(at least the only one who admits to it.) We have a Decor lighting system, CDP/PRO 11-4-3-10V, 42kw Incandescent...installed in the auditorium. Does anyone have a clue if...
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    Greetings from Magee, MS

    New to forum, but not new to stage tech. I joined because I have an old dimmer set up (at the school where I work) that I need help with. I usually do stage sound and set up lights and scenery. Glad to be here! Novo63