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    Accu Scan 250 DMX problem

    I recently picked up an American DJ Accu Scan 250. I put it in stand alone (audio) mode to test it out before connecting it to DMX. Now I cannot seem to get it out of stand alone mode and it is driving me crazy. I don't see anything in the manual about how to switch it back to DMX only. Any...
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    Charlotte's Web on a Budget

    Apologies for the poor quality, and inability to embed the images. Taken with a phone. Unfortunately I didn't get one of the word on the web, but you can use your imagination. As I mentioned, the sections between each letter were still flexible, so we hung each letter in different cruxes of the...
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    Charlotte's Web on a Budget

    Not to resurrect an ancient post, but I came across this when researching how to create the words in the web for a production of Charlotte's Web we are currently putting on. I just wanted to contribute the route we took incase somebody runs into this in the future. I purchased some...