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    Looking for suggestions for a "POOF" entrance for Aladdin Jr Genie...

    If you call your local fire extinguisher refill company they may lend you one that's expired and needs a tank recertification as it will need to be emptied and inspected. Or you can use a CO2 Icejet - Cryojet and just use a small bottle, the shoot about a pound a second. For fog, some units are...
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    Brand new Ultratec 9D Fogger Smell

    Look through the front of the LSG with a flashlight to be sure the nozzle is aligned.
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    Prop torches

    Years back I made a tiny battery powered silk flame torch with a small fan it all fit in a 5" bowl. Old school it had bulbs and gels, led's were not so available then.
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    Powering Moving Set Pieces and Props?

    All true "Crisp image" but I noted at my last trip through "Canadian tire" many of the car batteries now have an ampere hour rating on them as well as the CCA.
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    Powering Moving Set Pieces and Props?

    Typical car battery is in the 40 AH range, there are inverters for boats and backup systems that use line power then switch to battery and have a charger built in. UPS with the alarm off as well. If you're using dry ice watch for the hazard of spilling hot water. Other options are battery...
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    Radiance Hazer Problem

    3 quick flash means the machine is gone into over temp and the fan goes on full also, if you miss seeing this and it's still heating the thermal switch will trip and kill the power to the block. If you take to long between cleaning it can force fluid out the gasket, once in the insulation it...
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    Sprocket ?

    looks like the yellow housing is fixed to the grey frame (squeeze clamp?). So this will allow them to easily align the side to side of the chain and sprockets.
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    Stink Bug Cloud

    Use some LED lights from the bug onto fog or powder to create the color.
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    I have a couple for inexpensive Atten ADS1102CAL that have been good. Have a Rigol and Tek as well.
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    Addams Family - Fester's rocket

    CO2 look at the paintball gun stuff
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    Dry Ice Machine Rental in Vegas?

    Did you try AES for a machine? You can get Ice at Flavours 1438 Las Vegas Blvd N. Ready ice is in behind them but they no longer sell to the public.
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    Wireless Q5X Incognito Beltpacks

    They are out of London ON CA. I knew one of the early designers.
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    Dimmer Electricity "bleed"

    Are any of the outputs driving LED's or switch mode power supplies? I'm thinking zero cross problems or some random DVDT turn on. If these are older packs they may not like non symmetrical loading.
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    In need of a tiny fog/smoke effect that doesnt cost $1800 or use pyro

    how about an E-vap and an fish tank air pump.?
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    Frying pan fire on stage

    I did one by hiding the battery/gear in the stove and venting up through the coil. (it was portable)