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    Installs Powered Speakers vs. Power Sequencer

    We mounted Furman MP-20Q boxes behind our powered speakers. Next to that, there's an XLR jack for the audio, and a small hole & grommet for the 12VDC trigger wire.
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    Zero Latency Video of Conductor

    The most recent video I saw where this was evident, was a lip sync battle on Jimmy Fallon. Watch the IMAG behind everyone. Lip Sync Battle with Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon:
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    Zero Latency Video of Conductor

    Nope. 49Mhz FM system.
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    Zero Latency Video of Conductor

    I've purchased a bunch of stuff off of eBay, and repurposed a lot of stuff from my day job, when we replaced older cameras with newer ones. Yay community theatre. I've got a video rack we roll into the 1100' space we rent. It's got switchers and Distribution Amps and Quadframers and everything...
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    Brand Spanking New Theatre Facility

    Conduit. Spare conduit between SL and SR, between both sides of stage and your booth. Booth to backstage. Booth to lobby. Network and dry CAT5e drops everywhere. We opened our own space in 2010, and (thankfully) had plenty of spare conduit in place. We've still had to add a bunch of...
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    Favorite WiFi Router for...

    In our office and production space, we run Ubiquiti APs for all public and higher-use areas. Things like the tech storage areas just get a Linksys E2000 running as an AP. We're using pFsense on a modified thin client workstation for a firewall. When we roll into the 1200-seat theatre in town...
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    Another IR Camera Thread - help needed

    My day job gives me access to a lot of retired equipment that's going to get tossed. Might be worth checking with security companies, as many places upgrade from analog to IP. ex82 That's what we use for our FOH camera. It's got a heck of an IR...
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    Exploding bird

    We didn't have the bird grow or expand, but it did have wings and a mouth that moved via strings and springs. It sat in a nest on a tree branch next, to a curtain/leg, and we had a tech operate them behind the curtain. The branch was also a steel pipe, ending up below the nest. Behind the...
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    FS: Stage Pin Cable

    Is this still available?